The Who Live at Leeds

The beginning - 14/02/70
The plan - 06/07/05The return - 16/07/06

The gig

View galleryFrom the moment The Who took the stage that evening, the atmosphere was electric. Pete Townshend stormed on shouting “We’re all back!” and the crowds went wild.

When they launched into the show stopping classics Who are you, Substitute and Can't Explain, the crowd’s reaction was one of overwhelming elation. The band went on to delight fans with Townshend’s latest work, the mini-opera Wire and Glass, giving them a taste of The Who’s first studio album in 24 years.

When the band played a medley of Pinball Wizard, Amazing Journey and See Me Feel Me, the combination of power chords and frenzied cheers from the enraptured crowd almost lifted the roof of the small refectory.

Although Townshend and Daltrey had a combined age of 123 and the crowd sported a few more grey hairs than the students who usually frequent the refectory, this did not seem to matter to the fans. Everyone who came out of the performance agreed that it had been amazing and that the band had been every bit as dynamic as 36 years ago.

The set list

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