The Who Live at Leeds

The beginning - 14/02/70
The plan - 06/07/05The return - 16/07/06

Press conference

By spring 2006, the secret plans for the concert and blue plaque were well underway.

Tickets had to be allocated, the Refectory had to be prepared, and those who organised the original 1970 gig had to be tracked down.

Press conference

From the people who booked the gig, to the people who had cleaned the toilets, the University wanted to give as many people as possible the chance to relive this amazing experience.

Towards the end of May, the University was ready to announce the news to the media. Although rumours were circulating around campus, this spectacular gig remained a secret to the outside world …but not for long.

On 25 May, news of our wonderful surprise reached the press, but it had not come from the University. Excited by the prospect of returning to Leeds, an overenthusiastic Pete Townshend had listed the gig on his official website!

As soon as this information leaked out, the calls started to flood in to the University press office and Student Union. It seemed everyone wanted the scoop on this incredible story. By the time of the official press conference, it had appeared in the Yorkshire Post, the Yorkshire Evening Post, the Times, the Guardian and on the NME website, but everyone was desperate to hear the news confirmed.

The press conference took place at 11.30am on 6 June. Staff and students piled into the Refectory alongside journalists from the national press, all eager to be part of what was sure to be rock history. Even though the secret was out, nothing could lessen the excitement as Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Arthur, flanked by honorary Leeds graduate Andy Kershaw and media relations director Vanessa Bridge, stepped out onto that famous stage to declare that the Who were going to play Live at Leeds - again.

The following day the announcement received national news coverage, both in newspapers and on television. It was true: The Who were coming back!

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