The Who Live at Leeds

The beginning - 14/02/70
The plan - 06/07/05The return - 16/07/06

Reactions and thanks

Scooter“I stood on the stage at Live Aid when Queen delivered that legendary performance. It took 100,000 Wembley Stadium rock fans that day to equal the supercharged power and sheer excitement of a Leeds refectory audience”
Pete Smith (former ents secretary 1974)

“ I would’ve walked every single mile just to have been here. It was one hundred percent worth the trip, they were awesome”
Ozzie Pottersmith (Fan who travelled 4,550 miles from Colorado, USA)

“Pete and Roger put on a hell of a show, better than 99% of the bands on the planet.”
Brian Lynch (Fan who flew in from New York that morning)

"It was fantastic to be back in Leeds photographing such a significant
day - the most memorable moment (apart from the gig itself) was in
the School of Music when Pete Townshend walked in, and the room fell
silent - it all suddenly became real."
Richard Hanson (Official Photographer June 17 2006, Mech Eng, Leeds 87-90)

“The Who Live in Leeds was a great event and it put the union on the map as a venue. It was one of the reasons I applied to come here. It’s great that we lived through that time. It’s part of the heritage of the University, it’s part of the culture of Leeds and it’s great to be back.”
Mark Wood (Chairman and Chief Executive of ITN. German 1974)

“As students we knew that Leeds University was the number one place in the world as a university gig centre, because of Live at Leeds. So to come back and see The Who and say I was at Live at Leeds, even if it was Live at Leeds 2 – who cares – it’s a magical night”
Mark Byford (Deputy Director of the BBC, Law 1979)

“This is going to be of massive importance. I couldn’t help but come. There was no way I was gonna miss this show”
Sean 'Duke’ Cassidy (Fan who arrived San Francisco that morning)

“The gig was fantastic, I was brought up on The Who so it was amazing to see them in such an intimate venue…my dad is really jealous!”
Hannah Morgan (Sociology & Social Policy 1998, Disability Studies MA 1999)

“It was such an engaging atmosphere and I was blown away by the set. Townshend and Daltrey can still belt them out with the best of them!”
Adam Robinson (English 2006)

“It was great, terrific. I can remember vividly exactly as it was in the ‘70s. I have to say, some of the songs they did this time were better!”
Dick Neale (Applied Mineral Sciences, 1973, who attended both concerts with the same friend)

“I was a student here, 1970 to 1973. I went to the first concert and I have to tell you that the second concert was just as good as the first. It’s wonderful to be back here, I feel 18 again and I’ve had fantastic night!”
Linda Taylor (Sociology 1974)

“I missed the original show so tonight was very special. I was also fortunate enough to be on the front row, hanging on to that iron railing for dear life! It was absolutely magic.”
Jeremy Hinchcliffe (Owner of NOCO Lubricants Co. Economics 1972)

"I wish I'd gone to Leeds uni."
Who fan trying to get tickets

"Without those unions to play, the venues were thin on the ground, so my big thanks to Leeds and the others for being there."
Roger Daltrey

"It's so great to be back. I haven't been here for ages and I love it in Leeds"
Pete Townshend

"We had just finished an eight-week tour of the US. We were young and fit. Today we are straight out of rehearsal. We will make mistakes, we will be clunky. I will probably lose a fingernail. But itís great to be back."
Pete Townshend (On stage)

"[Live at Leeds] defined an era of big bands like The Who playing at college venues and also underpinned the importance of college venues and the live music circuit"
Andy Kershaw (BBC Radio 3 Presenter, former University of Leeds Entertainments Secretary. Politics student early 1980s. Hon DMus 2005)

"Iím really excited to see The Who. They were the first band I saw so this is, wow, a bit too much".
Steve Henderson (Entertainments secretary, 1978-79)

"The Who Live at Leeds. So itís a great honour and a privilege to be here today and Iím really excited about it"
David Norris (Leeds Alumnus, 1976)

"I woke up at 4am and I was so excited I couldn't get back to sleep."
Andy Kershaw (BBC Radio 3 Presenter, former University of Leeds Entertainments Secretary. Politics student early 1980s. Hon DMus 2005)

"This is a blast from the past. Iím really looking forward to the show!"
Richard Ortoli (Partner: Rubin, Bailin, Ortoli, Mayer & Baker LLP French 1971, flew from New York for the gig)

"I tried to get tickets for the Who concert in 1970 then but I was unfortunate. I've worked for the University ever since and I'm absolutely delighted that I got a ticket through the ballot. Can't wait."
Tony Smith (Education and Access Officer for ULITA. Textile Industries, 1973)

"So many thanks to the Vice-Chancellor and Andy Kershaw for pulling this historic even off so magnificently and for Leeds Universityís kind invitation to be their guest at such an unbelievable night. One to remember!"
Robert Epstone (President of the China Fashion Network. Textile Management 1970)

"Last Saturday's gig in the refec was probably the best one I've been to. I've seen some excellent bands at big venues such as Wembley stadium and the Birmingham NEC, but The Who, close up, was really special. Very hot, very crowded, very loud. The gig and the blue plaque - makes you proud to be a Leeds graduate."
Robert Cawte (Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering 1987)

The Original Organisers on ‘Live at Leeds’:
“It’s terrific to be here. The great thing about [the original] concert was that this launched Leeds on the map. It became a must for every band. It’s great to see everyone back.”
Ken Hind (President of the Union Committee 1970-71. Law 1971)

“It was fantastic. The first gig made me a Who fan. This one was probably even better because I'm older so I can appreciate it more."
Simon Brogan (Sheep Farmer. Co-Organiser of Live at Leeds 1970. Economics & History 1971)
See an article about Simon by cub reporter Mark Knopfler from June 1970

“Back in 1970 we had no idea that we were taking part in history. We didn’t know what the significance of the concert would be. The atmosphere was magic. Everything just clicked into place for the band that night”.
John Standerline (Director of Stanco Exhibitions. Co-Organiser of Live at Leeds 1970. Physics 1970)

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