The Who Live at Leeds

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School of Music

View galleryPeter Townshend flew into Leeds Bradford airport and was rushed straight to the School of Music to meet with his longstanding friend and hero, the artist Sir Peter Blake. They joined the Vice-chancellor and a select group of guests, staff and alumni for a champagne reception.

Following speeches by Simon Warner and Townshend, Peter Blake proudly unveiled his art work, created especially to commemorate the Who’s triumphant return to Leeds.

Blake also presented the university with two copies of his recent Live 8 artwork. The posters, signed by both Blake and Townshend, will join a permanent exhibition of his work, on display in the School of Music.

All of the staff and visitors were keen to chat and have their photos taken with the two men, as they made their way around the room. Even the most high profile guests seemed giddy with excitement at meeting such iconic figures.

As Andy Kershaw recalled in his diary:

“The guy at the edge of our group - dressed in trainers, jeans and a loose, untucked shirt - was babbling boyishly about his love of the Who and leaping around like a spaniel puppy. “

“This man,” I said to Pete Townshend, steering him towards his latest admirer “is the Deputy Director General of the BBC.”

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Even our own Vice-Chancellor seemed a little star-struck as he asked Townshend to sign his copy of the original “Live at Leeds”.

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