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The following 10-15 minute presentation has been created to prepare staff for the VLE upgrade happening this summer. It will introduce you to key new features and provide you with the necessary information to prepare for the upgrade. The presentation includes Flash animations and audio content.

Where we've been

We’ve operated Blackboard for two years, running the stable, but ageing 7.3 release. It has served us well: helping create a tenfold increase in the amount of learning materials available to students. In 2009/10 there were an unprecedented number of modules with an electronic presence (3688) and 4 million individual student logins, an average of 17,000 per day peaking at 40,000 per day in October.

Why Upgrade?

As our use of the system increases, so too do the expectations of our academic community. The time has come when a refresh of the existing software is necessary to help us keep up with those expectations. Upgrading will bring tangible benefits including many fixes and improvements to the system.


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Screenshot of the Bodington system Screenshot of Blackboard Screenshot of Blackboard 9.1





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For more information and guides to using our current VLE tools visit the VLE Service Website.