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Please read the important information below and contact us if you were using Questionmark (QMP) for e-assessment, and have yet to migrate content.

  • The campus desktop upgrade which began in August 2014, means that the use of QMP is no longer supported, as the latest desktop internet browsers will be unsupportable for assessments on our old QMP server.
  • Delivery of QMP assessments ended on 1st August 2014. You can no longer schedule or plan QMP assessments beyond this date.
  • QMP will continue to be available to existing staff users via the Authoring Manager for exporting of questions until March 1st 2015, at which point the QMP servers will be removed from service.

We contacted staff who had scheduled a QMP assessment in Minerva since 2012/13 regarding migration of content.

Action required:

If you have QMP content which you have not already exported or rebuilt in Minerva or other test tools, or if you have contacted us in response to our messages but haven’t heard from us yet please don’t hesitate to get in touch again in case your priorities have changed.

Contact the eLearning (VLES) team now by logging a call with the IT Services Desk using the online contact fom or email