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Lecture Capture

Recordings made in the Lecture Capture system can be made available to students via Minerva.

Publishing your content


From 2016/17, scheduled lecture capture recordings will be automatically published to Minerva 72 hours from the recording being processed. For further information see the guide

You will receive an automated email from the Lecture Capture system when your recording has been processed and is ready for approval.

  • Select the top link in the email ‘Manage this presentation via Minerva’
  • You will be redirected to Minerva where you will be prompted to login using your University username and password.
  • From the Mediasite pane select the shared folders link for that module e.g. 201415_00000_LCTST1000.

Shared folders with module code highlighted

MediaSite overview within a Minerva moduleYour module recordings can also be accessed via the Control Panel > Module Tools > Module Media.

Module Media highlighted in the Control Panel


You will see one or more presentations awaiting approval. If you have multiple recordings and are unsure which one you would like to approve, hover over the recording title with your mouse. The date, time and location will match the information you received in the automated email.

The recording title

If you would like to review or edit the recording before making it available instructions on how to do this can be found in the guide. To approve the recording and allow students and other staff on the module to view it, select the dropdown labelled Private and change it to Viewable.

Viewable highlighted in the dropdown list

View recordings

Students and staff can access recordings that have been made viewable via the Media link in the module menu.

Shared folders with module code highlighted


The recording can only be accessed by students and staff enrolled on the relevant module.

Staff can also view all of their recordings across modules via the My Media icon on the toolbar in Minerva:

screenshot of the mediasite icon

Merged modules

If you are delivering co-taught modules they may be represented in Minerva via a single merged module. For further information on merged modules see the guide.

To publish a recording in a merged module you should follow the steps listed above on 'Publishing your content'.

In the Mediasite window locate the appropriate recording and select either the recording thumbnail image or title.

The video thumbnail highlighted

A box will open. Click edit and scroll to the bottom of the box.

The video thumbnail highlighted
  • Choose Add Module
  • Enter the year and code for that module e.g. 201415 MM LCTST
  • Select the module ID. It should now appear in the list of Modules above

Publish the recording to other modules using the Add Module feature

Click Save confirm the change.

The edit window with Save highlighted

The recording will now be accesible via the Media link in the corresponding module menu.

This method can also be used to publish recordings to other modules you are teaching in Minerva.

Where is the media link?

The Media link should be in your module menu. If there isn't one, you can add it by following the steps below.

  1. Select the + icon at the top left of the menu
  2. Choose Tool Link
  3. Select Module Media Catalogue from the dropdown list and add the name Media
  4. Ensure you check Available to Users so students will see the item
  5. The link will appear at the bottom of the module menu
The Module Media Tool Link with Available to Users selected

Further information and guidance

Further information and guidance on Lecture Capture is available from the links below: