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SignUp Lists

You can use the SignUp List tool to manage any activity or event where you need students to 'sign on'.

In one action you can create one or multiple SignUp lists.

In this example we are going to set up multiple SignUp lists for Field Trips. This is an easy tool to use but there are a number of steps to follow so we'll go through every configuration option in the example. If you want to deviate from this example there is on screen help provided for tricky settings.

Create the lists

In your content area, click Add Content and select SignUp List:

Select the SignUp list tool

Then select Batch Create.

Define your list properties

In the spaces provided, enter the names for your lists. You can use the plus/minus icons Plus/minus icons to add more list items as required. We'll give each list the name of the Field trip location.

Screenshot of list name entries

  • You can define the colour of the SignUp list entries
  • Enter any Instructions required in the space provided
  • Enter the date restrictions for the sign up period. Remember the dates apply to all of the SignUp lists

You will need to specify the number of places on the lists and any reserve places if required. We'll allow people to remove themselves from the lists if they want to and we'll also let them see if their colleagues have signed up.

Screenshot of list settings

Set group options

You can now choose to create module groups for your SignUp Lists. Students can be added to these groups automatically as they sign up.

Screenshot of the groups options

You do not have to create groups, and you can also choose to link to existing groups. If you do not say yes to Populate Group Automatically, you'll have to manually populate the groups after the sign up period by visiting the lists interface again. In this example we are creating our groups automatically as the students sign up. This will save admin later. Students might use Minerva groups to complement group work with colleagues on the respective field trips.

Item options

Turn on tracking and date restrictions now if you need to but in our example we are simply going to make the groups available.

Screenshot of final item options

Click Submit when you are ready. A confirmation screen will appear:

Screenshot of confirmation screen

Final group settings

If you selected to create groups, you will be taken to the Create Groups page. The names will be taken from the list names and the groups will be available by default, but you can change these details if you wish. You should also decide whether to make any Blackboard tools available to the group.

Click Submit when you have finished. Your SignUp lists will now be available for students to use:

Screenshot of list created

See who's signed up

Click on the SignUp list to see who's signed up. If you created multiple sign up lists, you'll see a Batch View option above the List Members. This will show you all the connected sign up lists together with their members:

Batch view option

If you notice that names of students have a line through their name, this means that their enrolment on the module has been disabled. If they have signed up to a list and you are sure that they will not return to the module, you can remove them so that their space on the list can be filled by another student.

To do this, check the box next to the student's name. Then we recommend selecting Silently remove selected as this won't email the student.

Remove a  student from a list