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Ten things

Ten tasks, ten minutes each, ten ways to improve your module.

Think mobile

In 2015/16 Minerva was accessed on a mobile or tablet device over 3 million times (that's 21% of the total number of sessions). Follow these tips when adding content to improve the experience of those accessing Minerva on mobile or tablet devices.

Time to achieve: 10 minutes to familiarise yourself with our recommendations.

If you decide to change the module menu, make sure you:

  • Keep to letters and numbers as symbols aren’t always supported and won’t appear on some mobile devices.
  • Try to keep names concise and descriptive.

Find out more about editing the module menu by reading our guide.

Files sizes

It’s good practice to keep file sizes low where you can – on a mobile device or slow connection users could be waiting minutes to download files/view images otherwise. If you target mobile devices remember on 4G connections data has a cost.

In particular images are often unnecessarily large.

Read our guide for tips on compressing files.

File types

For text documents/presentations we recommend using PDF for documents where possible.