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Summer 2017 changes

This year we have launched Minerva Portal and VLE. Find out more about Minerva by reading our introductory guide.

Look and feel

The technology behind modules has had a complete overhaul. The interface is cleaner and most module features will have responsive elements and will be more accessible on mobile devices.

Module colour palettes have been standardised to support accessibility. Staff can no longer change the menu or text colour within a module and module themes have also been removed.

An example of the new module menu

Mobile Apps

Mobile Learn is no longer supported and Blackboard removed this from the Apple and Android app store at the end of July 2017. All Minerva activities can now be completed by a browser, on any device.

Drag and Drop

Blackboard have introduced new Drag and Drop functionality to modules. You will now be able to drag files when creating content items, Blackboard assignments and web links.

Further information is available in the add content guide.

An example of the drag and drop functionality, uploading files to a module

Modules List

The Modules list has been updated too!

Now staff and students can quickly and easily access module reading lists and past exam papers, with just one click. You can still sort, filter and search the module list and move freely between different years.

Further information is available in the enrolments list guide.

The new modules list with additional reading list and exam paper functionality

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is now available and can be used in all module and organisation spaces.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web based online interactive session tool. It includes audio, video, text chat, an interactive whiteboard, PowerPoint display, application sharing, breakout rooms, live closed captioning, polling and session recording. You no longer need plugins; it just launches in your web browser.

Each module will automatically have it's own Collaborate Ultra space and additional spaces can be created.

Full information on Collaborate Ultra is available in our online guides.

Note: For the use of Collaborate outside of Minerva, Collaborate Classic will still be the offered tool. External spaces can be requested online.

Known Issues

Some of the issues have also been fixed.