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Introducing Minerva

Minerva is where you can build online components for your modules, it can also be used to communicate with your students.

As well as this short guide, we have a video highlighting the key features of Minerva.

How to log in

All University staff members are automatically given access to Minerva. Log in using your IT username (plus and password at:


On the home page there are recent announcements (including those posted to your Minerva Modules/Organisations), a news Twitter feed and tiles highlighting key University news, opportunities and training:

screenshot of tabs and toolbar

Use the tabs to navigate Minerva and the toolbar to visit essential University systems and websites:

screenshot of tabs and toolbar

Staff can request for announcements to be posted to wider cohorts of students. Tiles can also be requested. Please read our guide on Minerva Communication Channels for more information.


Here you can access your Minerva Modules and Organisations; Library information and IT Services information; and Leeds for Life and GRAD. If you are new to the University, read our short guide on what Minerva modules and organisations are used for at Leeds.


Under modules, you will see those you are enrolled on (the current year by default):

screenshot of list of modules in vle

You can search the list by keyword or scroll through the list if you have more than 10 enrolments. If you are missing enrolments for modules you are teaching, these can be added by your School via Banner.

There is a link to the module's reading list and any exam papers which are available - students also see these links.


Organisations are sometimes used by Faculties/Schools to deliver content to specific groups of students. Typically this could be content for the whole Faculty/School or a Programme. Some staff training is also delivered via Minerva organisations e.g. Information Security Essentials.

To see the organisations you're enrolled on, click on Organisations:

screenshot of list of organisations in vle

You can search the list by keyword or scroll through the list if you have more than 10 enrolments.

Other information

Information from your library record is shown, along with a Library search and Subject Resources information. There are also links to popular IT Services; Leeds for Life and the GRAD System.

screenshot of library and IT information

The footer contains links to learning and teaching related resources and tools:

screenshot of footer


Here you can search for Leeds resources which are useful to students. Sections highlight important information but there are many more resources indexed; search by keyword to find them:

screenshot of discover tab


The files tab gives you access to Minerva's Content Collection.

When you add any content to your Minerva module, copies of the files are added automatically to a corresponding module area in the Content Collection: a folder under Module Content > Courses. Staff who teach on the module can see and add to this folder. Organisations work in a similar way, but have their own space in an area called Organisations.

If you used the 'My Content' area in the past, this is being phased out so you cannot add content here anymore. You can still see content which was previously added though.


Use the toolbar to quickly access University systems.

Your Library account:

screenshot of the library account icon

Mediasite - your personal and lecture capture recordings:

screenshot of the mediasite icon

Faculty Services:

screenshot of the Faculty Services icon

IT Support:

screenshot of the Faculty Services icon

One Drive - 1TB of cloud storage:

screenshot of the One Drive cloud storage icon


screenshot of the email account icon


Remember to logout when you are finished on Minerva; use the Power icon in the top right of the screen.

Logout icon

Then confirm that you want to logout of your University single sign on session:

Logout of SSO