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Image from the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds, Book of Hours, Calendar, January, MS. 9, f. 1v.

Each year, the project offered a range of free workshops and demonstrations for adults. These included interactive demonstrations of medieval and early-modern cooking by specialist cooks, and workshops on medieval and modern food, health and eating habits. We also held two Historic Food Day events at Clarke Hall in 2011 and 2012, each a full day of workshops, food demonstrations and talks. Registration was always necessary for these events due to their popularity.

Our workshops have included:

10 September 2014
Wakefield Museum
Talk & tastings, Dr Annie Gray, 'From Methelgin to Murder: alcoholic beverages in Restoration England'

18 December 2013
Wakefield Museum
Talk & food tastings, Dr Annie Gray, 'Christmas Dinner: from Edward I to Edward VII (with Elizabeth I as well)'

26 October 2013
Brotherton Room, University of Leeds
Talk, Eileen White and Christine Alvin, 'Cooking through history: food and health from the 15th to 19th centuries'

3 July 2013
Wakefield Museum
Talk & food demonstration, Ivan Day, 'The Triumph of the Mould'

17 May 2013
Wakefield Museum
Talk & food tastings, Dr Annie Gray, 'Flatulence and Phlegm: cooking with herbs and salad in seventeenth century England'

15 September 2012
Clarke Hall, Wakefield
Historic Food Day

19 March 2012
Clarke Hall, Wakefield
Workshop, Dr Annie Gray, 'Tasty titbits: a sweet little taste of the past'

11 June 2011
Clarke Hall, Wakefield
Historic Food Day

11 December 2010
Wakefield Market
Food demonstration of seasonal recipes, Walter van Opstal

28 & 29 October 2010
17th century kitchen of Clarke Hall, Wakefield
Workshops on the theme of chocolate, run by Richard Fitch of Hampton Court Palace


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