We are social and cultural historians of medicine and health. Our research examines the health of individuals and communities. The group’s research expertise ranges from the 14th century to the present day, and covers a number of different countries and cultures, such as Portugal, Italy, Britain, Uganda, Kenya and India. All researchers in the group are interested in the social and cultural history of medicine and health, and thinking about the human life course, from birth to death. As such, the individual and his/her experiences are at the heart of our research.

We are interested in six key themes:

  • The human life course from birth to death;
  • How health and medicine are shaped by gender, race and age;
  • Health and medicine during periods of war and conflict;
  • Health and the family;
  • Medical practitioners and caregivers;
  • Policy and public health initiatives and how they were developed, received and used by different individuals and societies.


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