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With 15 members of staff supervising over 30 research students, our War and Peace research group  studies the causes, course and consequences of large-scale human conflict. The group includes military, international, medieval, political, cultural and social historians. We encompasses both breadth of approach and depth of scholarship. War and Peace’s current projects include the University’s major Legacies of War: 1914-1918/2014-2018 initiative, externally-funded investigations into military intelligence and medicine in the First World War, and editing War in History, the world-leading journal for the study of the subject.

Staff profile

Alan MacLeod

Twentieth century British history; history of the British intelligence services; the conflict in Northern Ireland; post-war British politics.

Student profile

Rabia Dada

Thesis:English as the 'second-first' language in the post colonialsetting: social mobility, cultural identity and theclass-based divide