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Academic English courses and workshops

The Language Centre provides free, part-time courses and workshops for students whose first language is not English, who are already studying in their academic departments and may benefit from academic English language development

To find out more about the academic English courses and workshops available, or to book your place, click on the links below: 

Courses and workshops for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students

Courses and workshops for Postgraduate Researchers

Undergraduate students whose first language is not English (and who have not previously studied in an English-speaking country) can also study the English Language modules 'English for Communication' and 'English for Academic Study' - find out more about these on the English Language modules page.

The Language Zone

The Language Zone is our study and resource centre for languages, based on Level 2 of the Parkinson Building. We are here to support your individual language learning, whether you are on a language course, or learning independently.

We provide language learning materials in over 40 languages, and you can find us on Level 2 of the Parkinson Building. Find out more on the Language Zone page.

Languages for All

Improve your practical language skills and develop cultural awareness by studying a Languages for All module. You can use your Discovery module credits to study a language as part of your degree programme. We offer up to five language levels from beginners to advanced - find out more on the Languages for All page.

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