Work placement

English seminar

Both single and joint honours students can apply to spend a year on a work placement in industry. This is a great opportunity to gain invaluable work experience as part of your degree, working in a graduate-level role either in the UK or further afield.

You don't have to decide whether to pursue a work placement before you come to Leeds; instead, we encourage you to take time to explore your options. If you do decide on a work placement, you'll usually do it in your third year before returning to Leeds to complete your studies.

There are a wide range of jobs available, allowing you to pursue your areas of interest. Dedicated staff from our School and the University Careers Centre will support you in finding and applying for suitable placements, and will continue to support you throughout.

On completion of your placement you'll be expected to submit a written summary and deliver a short presentation. Both assessments will include information on the placement organisation, an analysis of how the placement developed your understanding of the work environment and a reflection on the skills you will have developed.

If you study a joint honours course where one of your subjects is a language, you'll undertake a compulsory residence abroad which may affect whether you are able to undertake a work placement, but we can support you in finding other suitable work experience opportunities.