Study abroad

student on residence abroad

If you study one of our undergraduate courses at Leeds, you can apply to spend a year studying abroad. Study abroad is a great opportunity which will allow you to experience education outside of the UK, interact with students from other universities, and gain the experience and confidence of living overseas.

You don't need to decide whether you want to study abroad before you come to Leeds. Instead, we encourage you to explore your options during your first and second years. If your application is successful you'll usually study abroad in your third year, before returning to Leeds to complete your studies. 

Many of the University's partner institutions teach in English, but you can also study in the native language. The Language Centre can help you improve your language skills in preparation for studying abroad - learn more here.

If you study a joint honours course where one of the subjects is a language, a period of study or work abroad will be compulsory. When you do this and where will depend on the language you choose to study.

The University and the Schools within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures have partnerships with a large number of higher education institutions around the world. You can find out more here.