Joint Honours programmes

Studying a joint honours degree at Leeds

At the University of Leeds, you can study History alongside a choice of 25 different languages, arts and social science subjects. This means you can pursue another of your favourite subjects, or begin the study of a specialism not available to you at school or college. Our expertise in a wide area of subjects means that we can offer a broad range of joint honours degrees with many students at Leeds opting for this type of programme. Popular combinations include BA Ancient History and History, BA English and History, BA Economics and History, BA History and Spanish, and BA History and Sociology. For details of all our Joint Honours programmes, see the coursefinder pages.

You might also be interested in our Liberal Arts programme, in which you can choose History as your major subject. For more details, click here.

How will I study?

Joint honours History students study the same modules as single honours History students, but they are required to take fewer History modules, while being expected to study specific modules in their other subject. All joint honours History students are required to take a History ‘skills’ module in each semester of their first year, a History module in each semester of their second year, and a ‘special subject’ which runs across both semesters of their final year of study. All students at the University of Leeds undertake a Final Year Project which is an independent piece of research. As a joint honours student you’ll have the choice of whether to undertake this project in one of your subjects or across both disciplines. For further details of course structure and content, see

One of your subject halves will act as your parent school. They will be your point of contact for all issues related to the administration of your degree course, such as module selection queries, timetabling issues and enrolment. All students on each joint honours programme have the same parent school. You will also have a personal tutor based within your parent school who will support your throughout your time with us at Leeds. Here at the School of History we also have a Director of Joint Honours who is available for all joint honours students, regardless of their parent school.

If you choose to combine History with a language, a highlight of your degree is a year abroad in a country where the language is spoken. If you study History with another arts or social science subject, you will have the option to apply for a year either studying abroad at one of our 70+ partner institutions, or on an approved work placement in the UK or overseas.