Douglas Caster Cultural Fellowship

Douglas Caster Cultural Fellowship – Academy of Cultural Fellows

Poet and fiction writer Helen Mort is a Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow from 2014-2016, working in the School of English. As well as developing a range of creative projects in partnership with groups across the University and across Leeds, she has used this opportunity to finish her second collection of poems, ‘No Map Could Show Them’ (due for publication in summer 2016) and to work on a first novel, ‘Black Car Burning’. She is involved with a number of activities supported by the Leeds University Poetry Centre, from creative writing workshops to an innovative performance combining poetry and flamenco guitar.

Between 1950 and 1980, the Gregory Fellowships brought a diverse group of painters, poets, sculptors and musicians onto campus. The Academy of Cultural Fellows reinvents this groundbreaking scheme for the 21st Century, breathing new life into a concept which transformed the cultural landscape of campus in the post-war years. The Fellowships provide precious time for creative practitioners to experiment and concentrate on new work, offer a rare opportunity for early-career artists to benefit from mentoring by leaders in their field and create a cultural mass of artistic endeavour for which Leeds will long be recognised.