Major projects

Below are some of the major research projects currently running in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies. Follow the links for more information.

Petrarch Commentary and Exegesis in Renaissance Italy, c. 1350-c. 1650 This three-year, AHRC-funded collaborative research project (start 01/01/2017) is led by Professor Simon Gilson (PI, Warwick), Dr Federica Pich (Co-I, Leeds) and Dr Guyda Armstrong (Co-I, Manchester) and focuses on Petrarch commentary and exegesis in Renaissance Italy (c. 1350-c. 1650). It is a collaboration between academic and library staff at Warwick, Leeds, Manchester and the John Rylands Research. The project aims to reconstruct the corpus of Italian Petrarch commentary and exegesis, by cataloguing the relevant materials and providing analysis in terms of genres, contents (including paratextual materials), readerships, and contexts in a variety of settings – academies, courts, universities, coteries of scholars, the print shop. The project proposes to create the first freely available on-line census that will offer a searchable catalogue of all the Italian language commentaries and other main kinds of exegesis on Petrarch between 1350 and 1650. The project will also create an on-line digital library containing digital facsimiles of all the relevant items held in the Special Collections of the University of Manchester.

Soft Power, Cinema and the BRICS This AHRC-funded research network looks at the implications for global film culture of the apparent shift in power relations between the developed and developing world, along with the increasing emphasis national and transnational organisations place on the role of ‘soft power’ in global foreign policy, focusing specifically on the BRICS. Visit the project websiteMore research in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Suicide Voices: Trauma in the Globalised Workplace This research project funded by the Wellcome Trust examines the ‘epidemic’ of suicides within the globalised workplace during the 2000s and asks why work or conditions of work can push some individuals to take their own lives. Building on an emerging collaboration between humanities and public health researchers in the UK and France, the project breaks new ground in its international and interdisciplinary scope.  Visit the project website

Performislam. Performance, Politics and Piety (conceived and led by Kamal Salhi)
This project develops from the AHRC/ESRC funded research on Music as debate in Muslim societies and their diasporas, which was awarded a Distinction. It focused on the performative aspects of contemporary Muslim life of North Africa and Asia at large.
The current project explores how, through the modes of performance, piety and protest, performance has become a vehicle of debate within societies where Islam exerts a cultural influence including European countries. It seeks to optimize the sharing of similar research interests of individual scholars, institutions, organizations, communities and government agencies. It opens up space for interdisciplinary, inter-regional perspectives, and encourages comparative understanding of how, within the wider context of ‘Islam’, performative practice enables disagreement as well as cross-cutting solidarities. Visit the project website.

Legacies of War The Legacies of War Centenary project is run by colleagues at the University of Leeds who have research interests in different aspects of the First World War. Visit the project website | More research in French | More research in German

PALODIEM, Process Automation for Localisation of Dialogue in Entertainment Media. The two-year project is funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and is headed by Serge Sharoff in collaboration with a local SME. More information