About the group

The Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature research group includes Dr Jeremy Davies, Dr Richard De Ritter, Professor David Fairer, Dr David Higgins, Dr Robert W Jones, Professor Vivien Jones, Dr Simon Swift and Professor John Whale. Together we teach on the Romantic Literature and Culture MA, which has been running since 2003. We also have a large number of PhD students studying many different aspects of the period. 

Our group is able to cover the full range of the period 1700-1830. This scope is accompanied by internationally-recognised expertise in specific areas, including eighteenth-century and Romantic poetry, constructions of gender, literature and the environment, creativity and the imagination, and Romantic autobiography. Current major research projects include: Romantic utopianism and Ecology (Davies); the development of wonder in eighteenth and nineteenth-century writing for children (De Ritter); The Development of the Georgic (Fairer); Romantic Catastrophes (Higgins); Jane Austen (V Jones); The Political and Theatrical Career of Richard Brinsley Sheridan (R Jones); Wordsworth, Character and Stoicism (Swift); Boxing and Romantic Masculinities (Whale).  

In addition to our individual research interests and projects, the group has come together to focus on the idea of community. We will be hosting a conference on “The Limits of Community” is September 2015.  We hope that this event will explore the creative aspects of sociability and collaboration, but we are also keen to examine the limits of community: the temporal and spatial boundaries by which it is defined and the various exclusions that it entails. The conference will feature plenary lectures by Professor Murray Pittock (Glasgow) and Dr Felicity James (Leicester).