About the group

The English Language Research Group

The English Language Research Group is located in the School of English at Leeds which has traditionally been one of the most important centres for the study of language in Britain. Early work in the School included the Survey of English Dialects and the materials gathered for the Institute of Dialect and Folk Life Studies (now combined as the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture in the Special Collections of the university’s Brotherton Library). In more recent times members of the English language group at Leeds specialised in work on English as a global language and were involved in the BBC Voices project (an investigation of linguistic variation across the United Kingdom).

The English Language Research Group is constituted by: Professor Tony Crowley; Dr. Fiona Douglas; Dr. Christiana Gregoriou; Dr. Alison Johnson; Dr. Julia Snell. Current work by members of the group builds on the established strengths in this subject area and extends into many fields in the historical and contemporary study of English. Specific research interests include: the politics of language, language ideologies, language and colonialism in Ireland, the language of Liverpool (Crowley); corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, non-standard language varieties, Scots and Scottish English (Douglas); stylistics, language of crime narratives, language and ideology/discourse analysis (Gregoriou); corpus-based forensic linguistics, language in legal settings, pragmatic, discourse, and interactional sociolinguistic theory (Johnson); language variation, social class, ethnographic and interactional discourse analysis, regional/social dialectology, language ideologies, classroom discourse, teacher professional development (Snell). Ph.D proposals to work in any of the areas outlined above are welcomed.