Foreign Language Tuition

At Leeds there are facilities for the study of a wide range of languages, including all the main European languages and also Arabic (taught in the Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies), Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Students may start to learn a new language or improve on previous knowledge. There are self-instructional audio courses in over forty languages. All students may use the laboratory during term or vacation times.

Classes in advanced French and advanced German are available to postgraduate students in Medieval Studies and in History to help them improve their reading abilities in modern academic French, Italian and German.  For more information please contact Professor Emilia Jamroziak.

For Leeds students undertaking Erasmus/Socrates exchanges there is a range of accredited modules which are specifically aimed at 'survival learning' of languages offered by the university's Foreign Language Teaching Unit.

Within the IMS, there are student-led and organised modern language reading groups (such as German, French, Italian, and Medieval Greek), which all postgraduate students may join.