Applying for a research degree

Entry Requirements

Academic qualifications

  •  MA or equivalent

English Language requirements

If your first language is not English then you'll need to meet our English Language minimum requirements:

  • IELTS score of 6.5, with at least a 6.0 in all components;
  • TOEFL scores of either:
    • 580 (paper-based test) with a 4.5 in written english, or
    • 92 (internet-based test) with a 21 in listening and reading, 22 in writing and 23 in speaking 

Please note that our English Language Requirements are above the University minimum. If you pass the University minimum but do not achieve the School of History's requirements, please get in touch with us so that our Admissions Tutors can consider your situation.

How to apply for a PhD

In all instances, we encourage all applicants to contact Prof. Emilia Jamroziak to discuss the draft of the proposal. Before you apply, you'll need to get together the right documents.

  • two academic references (if you are intending to apply for scholarships, please be aware, and make your referees aware, that these references may also be used for your scholarships application)
  • a copy of your BA degree transcript, listing all courses and marks achieved with a final classification and, if necessary, an explanation of the marking scheme
  • a copy of your MA certificate or transcript (or if you haven't yet finished your MA, please send details of your courses and marks so far)
  • a detailed research proposal on your intended topic

You can apply online. Please note that we may ask you for an interview as part of the application process.

Scope of Research Projects

The IMS has adopted a broad definition of interdisciplinarity, using one or both of the following descriptions:

  1. The plan of study embraces more than one traditional subject area from the humanities, and clearly indicates how these may function symbiotically in the research;
  2. The plan of study embraces more than one methodology from the humanities and clearly indicates how these methodologies complement one another in the research.

Deadline and timescales

It is expected that new PhD students begin the programme on 1 October to benefit from the full induction and research training.

We advise that you apply at least 6 weeks before your intended start date to ensure that all documentation is in place in good time.

Scholarships deadlines

If you intend to apply for scholarships, please note that these usually have deadlines early in the year and most require you to have already secured your place on a course. We advise you to apply for a place at least 6 weeks before a scholarship deadline. Please note that most scholarships assume a start date of 1 October.

Important scholarships to consider include School of History and IMS Scholarships, as well as WRoCAH scholarships. 

School of History and IMS Scholarships

School of History and IMS Scholarships are available to UK, EU, or International students seeking to being their studies in 2018-19. These pay fees at the Home/EU rate and a maintenance grant at the RCUK rate (£14,553 in 2017-18).  

Download the guidance notes for the School of History and IMS Scholarships. Before you begin your application, you need to ensure you have applied for a place of study and have a 9-digit University ID Number. The Scholarship application form is here. Please also ensure that your prospective supervisor has completed a supporting statement. This can be downloaded here. The deadline for the submission of both your application form and the supervisor's supporting statement is 5pm on 24 January, 2018

WRoCAH Scholarships

WRoCAH is a consortium of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York and it is responsible for disbursing PhD Scholarship funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. WRoCAH scholarships pay fees and a maintenance grant at the RCUK rate and provide access to further funding and professionalization opportunities during the course of your PhD. This award is available to UK and EU applicants only. 

Once you have been offered a place of study at the University of Leeds, you can begin your application to WRoCAH. The WRoCAH website has further information, including guidance notes on how to complete an application. The deadline for submission is 5pm on 24 January, 2018

Further Information

To find out more about scholarships and funding, please see the information available from the School of History, as well as the University of Leeds database of all available postgraduate scholarships:

Before applying for any scholarship application, make sure you have the advice of your intended supervisor.  

How long will it take?

We aim to process your application for a place on a course as soon as possible which is usually within 2-4 weeks of receipt. However, during our busiest times (April-June), this process can take up to 6 weeks.

It will make your application quicker if you include all the required documentation when you apply.