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Other Research Projects

See the separate listings for Leeds Classics major projects Samian Pottery (Names on Terra Sigillata), Hercules: a Hero for All AgesCommemorating Augustus and contributions to Legacies of War.

Liz Pender’s project Sense and Sensation in Plato’s Dialogues launched in July 2012 with the colloquium The Musical Structure of Plato’s Dialogues, which examined recent controversial research by Dr Jay Kennedy (Manchester) on Plato’s use of musical harmony, with contributions from Malcolm Heath, Liz Pender and Leeds PhD students, as well as Prof. Dominic Scott (University of Virginia) as invited respondent. Following on from this, in July 2013 Sound and Sense in Plato’s Dialogues assessed the contribution of the bodily senses in Plato’s thought and imagery, particularly relating to the perception of sound and music. The series is set to continue with Visualizing Thought, a one-day colloquium (Autumn 2014) reassessing the contribution of the bodily senses in Plato’s thought and imagery, particularly relating to sight.

Also on Plato, an international conference The Platonic Letters: Readings and Receptions, at UCL 2-4 September 2013, was jointly organised by Jenny Bryan (UCL) and Owen Hodkinson (Leeds); Liz Pender (Leeds) was amongst the speakers.  The letters ascribed to Plato are a fascinating source for scholars working on the Platonic philosophical tradition, ancient epistolography and biography, and the history of Classical Greece. This international and interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars with a range of specialisms to discuss and reassess the Letters and their significance. 

Malcolm Heath is engaged in a long-term project on Aristotle's Poetics. A monograph, Poetical Animals: Aristotle, anthropology and poetry is complete in draft (with the assistance of a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, 2010-2012): this places the Poetics in its philosophical context, reconstructing Aristotle's understanding of the production and consumption of poetry as a natural human behaviour, of the traits that enable and motivate that behaviour, and of its contribution to a characteristically human way of life. He is now preparing for the second phase, a theoretical commentary on the Poetics. A volume of papers arising from the conference The Poetics in its Aristotelian Context, held as Ohio State University in April 2013, is planned, co-edited with Dana Munteanu (OSU).

Also in preparation is Roger Brock's project Recreating Ancient Greek Wine. From September 2014 two preliminary investigations will be under way, in a cross-Faculty collaboration with Food Science, uniquely possible at Leeds. One will work with modern Italian wine-producers using traditional fermentation methods in large earthenware containers, the other will be recreating the ambient yeast community in archaic/classical Greece. Following on from these the main aim of the project will be the production of recreated ancient Greek wines.