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The Leeds Index of Samian Pottery Stamps

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The Leeds Index of Samian Pottery Stamps is based on the work of the late Dr Brian Hartley, compiled during the last 40 years. It collects an estimated 400,000 stamp-die records, the product of over 5,000 different potters working in the fine ware popularly called 'samian ware', or more technically terra sigillata.  This is the product of workshops in south, central and eastern Gaul, assembled from find-sites and museums mainly in Britain and NW Europe and spanning almost 250 years of the first to third centuries AD. This evidence illuminates the organisation and distribution mechanisms of one of the major industries of the Roman empire and provides an invaluable supplement to the evidence of coins and other datable material in the construction of excavated site chronologies.

The Index is a compendium of these potters' stamps, listed alphabetically by potter, with illustrations of the stamps and records of vessel forms, occurrences by site and dates. It is published in the form of nine hard-copy volumes:

Brian R. Hartley & Brenda M. Dickinson, Geoffrey B. Dannell [et al.] Names on Terra Sigillata: an index of makers' stamps & signatures on Gallo-Roman terra sigillata (samian ware). London, Institute of Classical Studies, 9 vols 2008-12  ISBN 978 1905 670 161/178/192/246/ 260/314/338/383. 

In addition, the Index is available via the suite of Samian Research databases at the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz.

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