Augmenting the Body: Disability, Bodily Extensions and the Posthuman

Series Convenors: Stuart Murray and Sita Popat

Augmenting the bodyThis project proposes a series of seminars that will explore, in a cross/multidisciplinary fashion, core questions about the status and viability of the body when considered in terms of its presence, boundaries and activities.

Working across the disciplinary fields of Cultural/Literary Studies, Digital Performance Studies, Medicine/Healthcare, Engineering and Law, it will have a particular focus on issues pertaining to bodily extension and augmentation, seen in terms of cultural narrative, disability experience, performative technology, ethics, product design, and rehabilitation and treatment. It will aim to develop the following specific research questions:

(i) How do different kinds of bodily extensions and augmentations (whether physical disability, avatar use, robotic surgical interventions etc.) create multiple and different experiences of embodiment and being in the world?

(ii) How are these experiential and ontological factors then subject to processes of cultural and social contextualisation through, for example, questions of governance, legal codification, technological design and engineering challenges, rehabilitation, work/labour, and cultural representation?

(iii) In what ways can disabled/augmented/extended bodies be understood through a combination of critical methodologies drawn from the multiple disciplines that inform this project?

(iv) What kinds of futures can be imagined through such multidisciplinary considerations of technology and the augmented body?

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Semester One Events  

Tuesday 18th October 2016, 2pm

Augmentation, Disability and Embodiment - Professor Sarah Whatley and Kate Marsh (Coventry)

Monday 7th November 2016, 2pm

Redesigning the Human - Professor Tony Prescott and Dr. Michael Szollosy (Sheffield) and Dr Andrew Cook (Dundee)

Monday 5th December 2016, 2pm

Disability and the DisHuman  - Professor Dan Goodley and Dr Kirsty Liddiard (Sheffield) and Dr Angharad Beckett (Leeds). Please see here for further information. 

Thursday 18th May 2017, 2.15pm

Ethics, Robotics and Rehabilitation Technologies - Heather Draper and Tom Sorell (University of Warwick). Please see here for further information. 

Seminars take place three times a semester: check the Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities website for the latest information.

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