Meet our students


I love learning new languages and experiencing different cultures and studying at the University of Leeds allowed me to spend a term in France and a year in Italy.

Rachel Flannery, BA French and Italian


I would recommend a year abroad to anyone who wants to expand their horizons. As a language student, it was a fantastic opportunity to improve my language skills but I also think it helped me mature.

Laurence Newbery-Payton, BA French and Japanese


The School of Languages, Cultures and Socities has a fantastic support network available and provide a great atmosphere that motivates us to succeed.

Mary Burrows, BA French and Japanese


I love the wide variety of modules, from Interpreting to Medieval French Literature, and from Cinema to History and the Visual Arts, the French department caters to all tastes among Francophiles!

Sebastien Cador, BA French


Speaking a foreign language is really valued by employers, making languages graduates very desirable and therefore employable!


Grace Harland, BA French and Italian