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Current PhD students:

Andrew Bailey
Project title: Simultaneous isolation and unity: private and state-funded visualisations of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Quebecois public sphere
Supervisors: Diana Holmes
Funding: Centre for Canadian Studies scholarship

Laura Boyd
Project title: Guilt and trauma in First World War narratives
Supervisors: Alison Fell & Diana Holmes

Clara Breteau
Project title: La POïesis à l’Ere de la MEtamorphose (POEME) : Pour une poïétique et poétique des formes et recherches contemporaines d’habitats écologiques
Supervisors: Claire Lozier & Nigel Saint

Joseph Ford
Project title: 1990’s and post 1990’s Algerian Literature in French
Supervisor: Andy Stafford

Polly Galis
Project title: 'Pornographic Representation in the Work of Nelly Arcan, Annie Ernaux & Nancy Huston'
Supervisors: Diana Holmes & Claire Lozier 

Beatrice Ivey
Project title: Trauma and travail de mémoire in 20th century France
Supervisors: Max Silverman & Margaret Atack
Funding: SLCS project studentship

Andrew Moore
Project title: Beyond language; embodiment and the senses in ethnographic film and the cinema of Claire Denis
Supervisors: Diana Holmes & Vlad Strukov
Funding: AHRC award

Philippa Read
Project title: Classical Influences on European Discourses of Heroism in the War Effort and Peace Movement 1914-24
Supervisors: Alison Fell & Ingrid Sharp (A Hobbs - Sheffield)
Funding: White Rose Scholarship

Current MA by Research students:

Benjamin Harris
Researcher in medieval European literature, specifically around the evolution of the Holy Grail corpus, with special analysis of text-image relations 

Recent PhD students:

Natalia Bremner
Project title: 'Elsewhere'? The construction of cultural identities in Reunion and Mauritius
Supervisor: Kamal Salhi

Recent MA by Research students:

Chelsea Bate
Project title: Women, gender and identity in Moliere's theatre
Supervisors: Russell Goulbourne & Diana Holmes  

Lizzie Lowenstein
Project title: Women, migration and Francophone-Iranian writing
Supervisors: Diana Holmes & Max Silverman

Lorna Sharman
Project title: Amelie Nothomb: Identity and the Roman Familial
Supervisors: Claire Lozier & David Platten
Funding: AHRC award

Matthew Stickland
Researching the Philippeville Massacre, 20 August 1955, as a key event in the Algerian War of Independence and the relationship between colonial and revolutionary violence

Laura Watson
Project title: Representation of lesbianism in popular fiction and personal writings during and after the First World War
Supervisors: Alison Fell & Ros Brown Grant

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