AHRC Project: From Victims to Perpetrators - German Wartime Suffering

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taberner, berger, victimsWorkshop: The 'German Wartime Suffering Debate' Ten Years on

The final workshop for the AHRC major research project 'From Victims to Perpetrators: Discourses of German Wartime Suffering' was held on 26th September 2008 at the German Department, University of Leeds. This brought together  a number of key partners to discuss the present state of debate on the topic of 'German wartime suffering' some ten years after the publication of Sebald's Luftkrieg und Literatur.

Papers were held  by:

Helmut Schmitz, University of Warwick

Recent book: (ed.) A Nation of Victims? Representations of German Wartime Suffering from 1945 to the Present (2007)

Oliver Lubrich, FU Berlin

Recent book: (ed.) Berichte aus der Abwurfzone. AuslÄnder erleben den Bombenkrieg in Deutschland 1939 bis 1945 (2007)

Bill Niven, Nottingham Trent University

Recent book: (ed.) Germans as Victims (2006)

Hannes Heer, Hamburg

Hitler war's. Die Befreiung der Deutschen von ihrer Vergangenheit (2005)

Jeffrey Olick, Charlottesville/Virginia

Recent book: The Politics of Regret: Collective Memory and Historical Responsibility in the Age of Atrocity (2007)

Atina Grossmann, CUNY

Recent book: Jews, Germans, and Allies: Close Encounters in Occupied Germany (2007)

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