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About the Centre

The Centre for Metaphysics and Mind (CMM) supports excellence in research in theoretical philosophy. Current research clusters within CMM include:

* Metaphysics. Researchers include Darren Bradley, John Divers, Steven French, Robin Le Poidevin, Juha Saatsi, Scott Shalkowski, Helen Steward, Robert Williams.

* Philosophy of mind, perception and action. Researchers include Darren Bradley, Jamie Dow, Daniel Elstein, Gail Leckie, Rachel Goodman, Ulrike Heuer, Heather Logue, Aaron Meskin, Paolo Santorio, Matthew Noah Smith, Helen Steward, Robert Williams.

* Epistemology (including formal epistemology). Researchers include Darren Bradley, Robin Le Poidevin, Heather Logue, Paolo Santorio, Robert Williams.

* Philosophy of language. Researchers include Daniel Elstein, Rachel Goodman, Gail Leckie, Paolo Santorio, Pekka Vayrynen, Roger White, Robert Williams.

* Philosophical and Mathematical logic. Researchers include John Divers, Steven French, Gail Leckie, Scott Shalkowski, Roger White, Robert Williams. We maintain close ties with the logic group in the Leeds mathematics department, including in particular Barry Cooper, Michael Rathjen, and Peter Schuster.  

We work closely with other research centres in Leeds in areas of overlapping interest, such as the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Religion (with Centre for Philosophy of Religion); the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Value (with Centre for Ethics and Metaethics), and the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Science and Mathematics (with Centre for History and Philosophy of Science).

Centre director

The Director of the Centre is Robert Williams


For further information about any of the activites of the centre, including postgraduate supervision, please contact the director.