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Alan MacLeod, Lecturer in Modern British History.

+44 (0)113 34 32892

Twentieth century British history; history of the British intelligence services; the conflict in Northern Ireland; post-war British politics.
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Andrea Major, Head of School of History; Professor in Colonial History

+44 (0)113 34 31829

British Colonial and South Asian History; East India Company; sati (suttee); slavery and abolition; social and gender issues; colonial philanthropy, Indian indentured labour.
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Manuel Malagon-Fajar, PhD Student

Governmental Efficiency vs. Naval Effectiveness. Manoeuvres, estimates and the transformation of the Royal Navy, 1884-1904
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Nathatai Manadee, PG Researcher

Thesis: European influences at the genesis of the continental army and the United States armed services in the late Eighteenth to early Nineteenth centuries
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Andrea Mancini, IMS PG Researcher

Thesis: Preaching and Penance in the Age of Observance. The Summa Confessorum of Nicholas of Osimo and the Economic Ethics of Observant Francisans in Late Middle Ages
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Addi Manolopoulou, Management Support Assistant and PA to Dr Simon Hall (Head of School)

0113 34 33608

Management Support Assistant and PA to Dr Simon Hall (Head of School)
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Lauren McCarthy, Postgraduate Research Student

Exploring support for animal welfare and animal rights amongst Black American social justice activists, in the nineteenth and twentieth century United States.
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Iona McCleery, Associate Professor in Medieval History

+44 (0)113 343 4500

Medieval Iberian History; history of medieval medicine; healing miracles; medieval food and eating.
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Brian Mccrary, PG Researcher

Thesis: Politics, personalities, purpose and propaganda: Sustaining the US Marine Corps' mission and birth of the Fleet Marine Force, 1898-1939
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Lauren McDonald, MA Race and Resistance

MA student Lauren talks about the supportive environment in the School.
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Katie McElvanney, BA History and Russian B

Find out how Katie spent her year abroad in Moscow and which societies she is a member of.
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Fraser McNair, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow

Territorial principalities, ideological bases of claims about authority, development of medieval political thought, problems of medieval biography, life histories and long term change processes.
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Keith Milne, PhD Student

The Paris Parlement and public opinion 1774-1790
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Harry Milton, BA History Undergraduate Intern

Harry tells us why he thinks Leeds 'has been better' than he expected and how he is looking forward to starting his internship in the School of History.
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Alexia Moncrieff, Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Men, Women & Care Project

Medical care in and after the First World War; History of Sexuality; Gender History; Imperial History; 20th Century Australia
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Sharon Moore, PhD Student

Joint US Army-Marine operations in the Pacific in World War II
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Daniele Morossi, IMS PG Researcher

Venice, the Byzantine Empire and Norman Southern Italy (11th-12th centuries); Byzantium and the West (11th-12th centuries); Venetian Mediterranean trade (11th-12th centuries)
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Liam Morris, PhD Researcher

Memory of the Spanish Civil War; the movement for the 'recovery of historical memory' in Spain; twentieth-century and contemporary Spain
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Lauren Mottle, PhD Student

Analysing how the anti-war activism of active-duty soldiers and Vietnam-veterans reconfigured long-standing ‘truths’ about the relationship between soldiering, masculinity, citizenship and patriotism
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Alan V. Murray, Senior Lecturer in Medieval Studies and Editorial Director, International Medieval Bibliography

+44 (0)113 343 3617

The Crusades and the Latin East; Medieval Warfare, Tournaments and Chivalry; The Medieval Baltic Region; History and Literature of Medieval Germany.
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Axel E W Müller, Director, International Medieval Congress

+44 (0)113 343 3614

Origins of firepower; Late medieval fields of conflict, the reception of the Middle Ages from the 18th century to the present day (in heritage industries, film, TV, fiction and everyday life).
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