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Ioannis Papadopoulos, IMS PG Researcher

Thesis: The Idea of Rome in Late Antiquity, The Concept of Utopia in the Late Roman Empire, The Idea of the City - Public Space and the Sacred in Rome During Late Antiquity
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Stephen Parry, PhD Student

The History of Iron and Steel Making in Port Talbot Since 1900
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Simone Pelizza, PhD Student and Postgraduate Tutor

The Genesis of the Heartland Theory: Sir Halford Mackinder and the Defense of the British Empire (1895-1914)
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Guy Perry, Teaching Fellow in Medieval History and Deputy Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3601

French-speaking aristocracy, the Mediterranean and the Crusades
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Francesca Petrizzo, IMS PG Researcher

The Normans in Southern Italy and Syria, the Crusades, the Hauteville Family, Family History, Military History, Gender History.

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Joanna Phillips, Management Support Officer

0113 34 30603

Responsibility for HR support for the School and the H & S Co-ordinator. Provide support for the Research Team and IMS.
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Liam Physick, PG Researcher

Thesis: The experience of slave soldiers in the war of independence in New York state and the Mexican region of Corboda
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Ceri Pitches, Network Facilitator Rethinking Reform 900-1150

0113 343 2273

My AHRC-funded PhD research was in collaboration with the Science Museum Group, exploring performance perspectives on its Explainer role and tracing its lineage to C19 science lecturing practices.
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Thomas Pollard, BA Economics and History

Find out why Thomas chose to study Economics and History at Leeds and what he gained from his undergraduate internship in the School of History.
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Giovanni Pozzetti, PhD Candidate and Postgraduate Tutor

Thesis: "Diet, health and identity in early modern England and Italy: A comparative study of the application and understanding of Galenic principles"
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