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Geoffrey Waddington, Senior Lecturer in International History

+44 (0)113 34 33605

International history between the wars; German foreign policy 1933-1945; Axis diplomacy in World War Two
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Owen Walsh, PG Researcher

PhD student, researching "coloured cosmopolitanism" on the Pacific Coast c.1918-1941. My primary interests are in African American political and cultural history.
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Oscar Webber, PhD Student

Environmental history; responses to nature-induced disasters; British colonialism; 19th century Caribbean history.
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Melissa Welliver, BA English and History

History intern Melissa tells us why she chose a joint honours course at Leeds and what she hopes to gain from her internship.
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Romina Westphal, IMS PG Researcher

Tapestries of the Late Middle Ages; Political Potential of Art; Gender and Patronage of Art; Hero Topos and Tapestries in Courtly and Civic Contexts; West-Central Europe
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Becky Williams, Senior Student Education Officer (Quality Assurance and Programme Support)

+44(0)113 343 3610

Responsible for all areas of quality assurance and programme support.
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Ian Wood, Professor of Early Medieval History

Late Roman culture; Barbarian kingdoms of the Dark Ages: Anglo-Saxon sculpture: Northumbrian monasticism: eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century historiography of the Barbarian Invasions.
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Anthony Wright, Retired Professor of Ecclesiastical History

The history of the Papacy; The Counter-Reformation; Church and State in the early modern period
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