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Sarah Adams, MA Philosophy (2010)

Sarah completed her MA Philosophy degree in 2010 and is now studying for her PhD at Leeds. She talks about the postgraduate community in Philosophy and how the MA prepared her for PhD study.
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Caroline Avery, PhD student

History of the development of science
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Caroline Avery, BA Philosophy & Theology and Religious Studies, MA History of Science, Technology and Medicine, PhD

Caroline joined the University as an undergraduate student. She continued with her studies in the School, going on to complete an MA and is now studying for a PhD.
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Azitta Baker, Education Service Officer; Liberal Arts Administrator

0113 34 33627

Education Service Officer working with various team members of the Philosophy, Religion and History of Science Undergraduate Student Office. Also the Administrator for the Liberal Arts course.
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John Baldari, Doctoral Candidate & Teaching Assistant

Current research: In Bello ethics. Thesis: Soldierly Virtue, testing modern virtue accounts against the specific requirements of warfighters during conflicts.
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Aydin Bayram, PhD Theology and Religious Studies

Aydin tells us about life as a PhD student and the opportunities to participate in the research culture
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Emma Beeson, BA Philosophy, and Theology and Religious Studies (2015)

When I looked round Leeds I had a positive feeling about the place and the department and out of all the universities I visited I knew Leeds was right for me.
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Richard Bellis, PhD Student

My research - part art history, print history, and medical history - centres on the development of pathology and pathological anatomy representations in the eighteenth century.
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Yahya Birt, PhD Candidate

I am undertaking doctoral research on the social and intellectual history of postwar British Muslim activism, c.1960–c.1997.
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Riva Black, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Riva talks about her favourite module 'Theology and Ethical Theory' and about the independence she has gained whilst studying at Leeds.
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James Blackhall, MA Theology and Religious Studies

James completed his undergraduate degree at Leeds and decided to apply for an MA here too.
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Kristi Boone, PhD Student

How does the influence of Christian religious values on American foreign policy, as executed by the President and other state actors, largely escape scrutiny by the media
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Darren Bradley, Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy

0113 343 0609

I work on metaphysics and epistemology. Further details and papers can be found on my personal website:
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Hollie Bradley, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2010)

Recent graduate Hollie tells us about her experience studying Theology and Religious studies at Leeds and how it exceeded her expectations.
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Thomas Brouwer, Research Fellow & Research Development Assistant


I am a researcher on the Nature of Representation project, and I work with philosophers across the school on developing research funding applications.
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Kaspar Broyd, BA English Literature & Philosophy

Joint Honours student Kaspar tells us how the two sides of his course work together, discusses the many advantages of studying two subjects and talks about his plans for the future.
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Mikel Burley, Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy

+44 (0)113 343 7504

Philosophy of religion; religious ethics; comparative and cross-cultural philosophy and religion; South Asian religious and philosophical traditions (esp. Hindu and Buddhist); Wittgenstein
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Geoffrey Cantor, Emeritus Professor

History of physics, especially optics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Science and religion: especially Quaker and Jewish engagements with science
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Arthur Carlyle, Post-graduate researcher

My research is mainly concerned with the nature of organisms and how this information can be utilised in debates concerning personal identity (particularly animalism) and theories of life and death.
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Jamys Carter, PhD

Having completed a Masters by Research on the topic of Women in ministry in a UK Pentecostal movement, I am exploring this further with a PhD, especially considering Pentecostal hermeneutics.
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Paola Chapa-Montes, PhD student

“To kalón”. The metaphysics of "The Fine" in Aristotle's thought
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John Christie, Honorary Fellow

History of Scottish Science; Social History of Science; Enlightenment Science, especially Chemistry; Science, Language and Literature; Science, Art and Aesthetics; Theoretical Historiography.
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Anthea Colledge, PhD Student

Intersecting identities: theological and biomedical narratives of biographical disruption and recovery among those with lived experience of Christianity and mood disorders.
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Nina Collins, Lecturer for Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew

Judaism and Modern and Classical Hebrew
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Rebecca Coupe, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2011)

Rebecca completed her BA Theology and Religious Studies programme in 2011 and now runs her own digital marketing agency.
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Adina Covaci, PhD Student

In my project I investigate the practice of moral deference and whether there is anything problematic about it as such. My supervisor is prof. Pekka Väyrynen.
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Mark Dawson, PhD Student

Researching church action on Fair Trade as a form of Public Theology. Examining both the 'public' nature of the action and the theology of the churchgoers who take part.
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Jennifer Dnes, MA by Research student

MA by Research Theology and Religious Studies
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Philip Drake, PhD Student

Living the boundaries: an exploration of the impact of ecclesiological, cultural and personal boundaries on church mission and ministry
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Douglas Earl, PhD student

Explanation and knowledge of interactions in quantum field theories
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Emma Eaton, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Emma enjoys the diversity of TRS at Leeds and the ability to tailor it to her interests. She hopes to become an RE teacher and will gain vital experience from the 'Students into Schools' module.
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Edward Elliott, Lecturer in Mind and Language

+44 (0) 7783 905 048

Edward joined the department in 2016 as a postdoctoral researcher, before becoming a Lecturer in July. His main research interests are in mind, formal epistemology, and decision theory.
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Daniel Elstein, Lecturer in Ethical and Political Philosophy

+44 (0)113 34 31709

Ethics; Philosophy of Language; Political Philosophy; Metaphysics; Epistemology
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John Fernley, MA Philosophy (2016)

Mature student John completed his undergraduate here before continuing to complete his MA.
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Michael A. Finn, Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology & Medicine

+44 (0)113 343 3460

Histories of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurology; Museums and Material Culture of Science and Medicine.
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Jonathan Fistein, PhD Student

Information-sharing behaviours in English general practitioners: when is it justifiable to share healthcare information? A conceptual and empirical study
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Will Gamester, PhD Student

I'm exploring a pluralistic approach to metasemantics, using truth as a case study. AOS: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Truth. AOC: Metaphysics, Logic, Metaethics.
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Graeme Gooday, Head of School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science Professor of History of Science and Technology

+44 (0)113 343 3274

Social History of Laboratories and Instruments, especially physics; History of Electrical Technology, especially telecommunications; Gender and Technology, Histories of patenting.
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Hollie Gowan, PhD student

The construction of gender roles and relationships in faith-based organisations in China: An examination of their impact upon women's agency and social engagement
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Sarah Griffin, BA English and Philosophy

Sarah explains what she got up to during her year abroad in Canada and shares her top tips for new students.
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Kersten Hall, Honorary Fellow School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

A former molecular biologist in the School of Medicine, Dr. Hall is now author of 'The Man in the Monkeynut Coat' which tells the story of the forgotten pioneer, Leeds scientist, William Astbury.
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Kersten Hall, Visiting Fellow

Origins and Development of Molecular Biology (esp. the Role Played by Physicists); Debates Concerning the Interpretation and Influence of Gregor Mendel and His Role in the Origin of Genetics.
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Charity Hamilton, PhD Student

Redeeming God: Can the female body as metaxu enable 'Godding' that is redemptive of incarnation?
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John Hardy, Education Service Officer

0113 3438949

Education Service Officer working with various team members of the Philosophy, Religion and History of Science Undergraduate Student Office.
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Georgina Harmsworth, BA English and Philosophy

Georgina tells us which clubs and societies she is a member of and explains why the lecturers are the best thing about her course.
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David Harrison

David Harrison is currently researching Arab diaspora identity: the Liverpool-Yemeni community and their relationship with Yemen, Liverpool, Islam and the wider Muslim community.
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Richard Hayes, BA Philosophy (2010)

Recent BA Philosophy graduate Richard tells why he thinks the value of Philosophy cannot be overstated.
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Emily Herring, PhD student

My research concerns 20th century evolutionary theories in France and the English-speaking world and the reception of Henri Bergson's metaphysical take on evolution in biological communities
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Aliya Hirji, MA Religion and Public Life

Canadian student Aliya came to Leeds for her MA to develop her awareness of religion and society, after working in several inter-religious organisations.
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Jonathan Hodge, Senior Lecturer (retired)

Jonathan Hodge researches the long run history of theories about origins and species.
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Katherine Hogg, PhD student

Trinitarian Theology for Relational Peace-building
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Sam Hunter, BA Theology and Religious Studies (2015), MA Theology and Religious Studies (2016)

Sam wanted to continue his studies at Leeds after completing his undergraduate degree, so applied for an MA course to continue with his interest in contemporary Paganism.
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Shabana Jabbar, BA Theology and Religious Studies (1998)

Shabana is now a Religious Studies subject leader and talks about how her degree has helped her in her job. She also works as a mentor for undergraduate students.
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Alec Jackson, BA History and Philosophy of Science and Politics (2014), MA Politics

Studying BA History and Philosophy of Science and Politics afforded me the opportunity to study topics ranging from the medical philosophy of Hippocrates to contemporary Chinese politics.
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Annie Jamieson, MA History and Philosophy of Science (2002)

Annie completed her MA History and Philosophy of Science in 2002. Since then, she has completed her PhD and is now a Research Fellow in HPS at the University.
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Louise Jenkins, PhD student

Emergency Midwifery Care, Complex midwifery care and the promotion of Normal birth and Antenatal and Newborn Screening.
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Hannah Johnson, Phd student

Exhibiting the ‘normal’ or impaired? : An Examination of British Exhibitions of Prosthetic and Assistive Technologies for the Disabled, 1850-1921.
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Nick Jones, Teaching and Administrative Assistant

+44 (0)113 343 3390

The History of Philosophy (especially Locke and Berkeley); Philosophy of Humour
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Jessica Jones, BA Theology and Religious Studies (Industrial)

Jessica explains the many reasons why she chose to study Theology and Religious Studies and how she benefitted from taking a year in industry.
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Kevin Jones, Research Student

Departmentally funded researcher working on conceptual change within the history of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.
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Claire Jones, Visiting Fellow

0113 343 3460

Researcher and curator with interests in the modern History of Medicine, and the material culture of science and medicine
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Chris Kenny, Teaching Fellow, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

+44 (0)113 343 3266

Science and Religion; Early Modern Science; Early Modern Philosophy.
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Matthew Kieran, Professor of Philosophy and the Arts

+44 (0)113 343 3270

Aesthetics and Philosophy of the Arts; Creativity; Character; Ethics; Philosophical Psychology.
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Konstantin Kiprijanov, PhD candidate and teaching assisstant (tutor)

My PhD thesis outlines the communication practices through which structural formulae were established as the default symbolic language of chemistry during the last third of the nineteenth century.
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Ben Kirby, MA Religion and Public Life (2013)

PhD student Ben completed his MA in Religion and Public Life earlier this year. He credits the modules for providing an introduction into researching religion and public life and talks about the City.
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Gerald Lang, Associate Professor of Philosophy

+44 (0)113 343 7307

Metaethics; Moral Psychology; Normative Ethics; and Applied Ethics; Political Philosophy.
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Rob Lawlor, Lecturer

+44 (0)113 343 7797

Normative and Applied Ethics; Climate Change Ethics; Exploitation; The Structure of Moral Theories; The Demandingness of Ethics.
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Olof Leffler, PhD Student


I work on metanormativity, in particular on metaethics and practical reason. My dissertation project concerns constitutivist approaches to explaining action and practical normativity.
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Esther Lie, BSc Biology and History and Philosophy of Science

2013 graduate Esther recalls her time at Leeds.
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Isobel Lister, Management Support Officer


Providing administrative support to the academic staff in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science.
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Grace Lockrobin, Teaching Fellow (PT)

Philosophy in education, Philosophy of education, moral education, normative ethics, applied ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy of mind and philosophy of action in relation to moral education.
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Alice Logan, BA Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought

Third year student Alice discusses the benefits of studying three different subject areas and the range of career options open to Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought graduates.
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Kenneth Macdonald, School Manager, The School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

+44 113 343 6746

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science Manager
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George MacDonald Ross, Senior Lecturer (retired)

History of Modern Philosophy (Hobbes, Leibniz, and Kant).
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Alistair McFadyen, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology

+44 (0)113 34 33653

Theological anthropology, sin; theology and public life; policing, religion and theology; theology, religion and sexual exploitation of children; feminist theology.
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Kerry McKenzie

Kerry completed her MA History and Philosophy of Science in 2008 and will soon be an assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego.
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Seán McLoughlin, Professor of the Anthropology of Islam (Muslim Diasporas)

Tel. +44 (0)113 343 3643 Twitter @LeedsUniHajjRes

Anthropology and Sociology of Islam and Muslim Diasporas. Muslims in Britain and Europe. Migration, Diaspora, Transnationalism, Pilgrimage. Culture, Religion, Ethnicity, Identity Politics, the State.
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Christopher Megone, Professor of Interdisciplinary Applied Ethics, Director Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied

+44 (0) 113 34 33278 / 37888

Classical Philosophy; Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics (including Applied Ethics, especially Medical and Business Ethics); Moral Psychology and Practical Reasoning.
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Philip Mellor, Professor of Religion and Social Theory

+44 (0)113 343 3507

Religion in social and cultural theory; embodiment, Christian theology and sociology; Durkheimian studies; problems of theory and method in the study of religion.
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Polina Merkulova, MA History of Science, Technology and Medicine (2016)

Russian student Polina wanted to develop her interests in the history of medicine.
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Jo Merrygold, BA Theology and Religious Studies

Third year student Jo talks about her passion for TRS at Leeds and how the research in the School is exciting for her studies. Jo in now a PhD student at the University of Sheffield.
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Aaron Meskin, Associate Professor

+44 (0)113 34 33284

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophy of Film; Philosophy of Literature.
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Jack Morrell, Visiting Lecturer

British Science, 1760- c.1939; History of Scientific Institutions; History of Geology.
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Rachel Muers, Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies

+44 (0)113 343 6748

Modern Christian thought; feminism, gender and theology; theological ethics, especially intergenerational responsibility and environment; Quaker theology.
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Daniel Nicholson, MA History and Philosophy of Science 2006

Dan graduated from the University in 2005. He talks about his passion for HPS and how this led him to study for the MA at Leeds. Dan is now a research fellow working at Exeter University.
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Ai Fatimah Nur Fuad, PhD student

Her Ph. D research topic is Islamic preaching in contemporary Indonesia; a study of the Islamic preaching (da'wa) movement of the Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/PKS).
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Karis O'Leary-Smith, MA Religion and Public Life (2013)

Karis studied BA Theology and Religious Studies here before starting her MA Religion and Public Life. Read her story to find out more about life in the School and the opportunities available.
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Catherine Oakley, Postdoctoral Research and Engagement Fellow

Cultural history of medicine, health, work, and the body in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries; ageing; interdisciplinary medical humanities; popular fiction; silent film.
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Victoria Omotoso, BA Music and Theology and Religious Studies

International student Victoria studies TRS and Music. She talks about the different opportunities available to students at Leeds and why she is looking forward to her dissertation.
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James Openshaw, MA Philosophy

James reflects upon his time studying MA Philosophy and talks about the opportunities to be immersed in the research culture of the school.
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Jim Parry, Honorary Fellow and University Life Fellow

Social and Political Philosophy; Marx; Gramsci; Jurisprudence; Applied Ethics; Philosophy of Education; Philosophy of Sport.
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Robert Pezet, MA Philosophy

Robert tells us what led him to choose an MA in Philosophy and what he gained from the experience.
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Mel Prideaux, Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Teaching and Scholarship)

+44 (0)113 3430461

Interfaith dialogue; Muslim-Christian relations; Religion and Public Life in the UK; Fieldwork in Religious Studies; Student Education in Religious Studies
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Gregory Radick, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science

+44 (0)113 343 3269

History and Philosophy of Biology, especially evolutionary biology, genetics and animal behaviour; History of the Human Sciences; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of History; Intellectual Property
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John Roberts, BA Theology and Religious Studies

John particularly enjoys his course because of the opportunities it gives him to study new religions. He also makes use of the Language Centre to follow his interest in learning language.
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Bryan Ross, PhD student

My thesis focusses on animal rights with the aim of examining various points of contact between normative theory and animal ethics.
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Samuel Schindler, MA History and Philosophy of Science (2005)

Samuel completed his MA in 2005 and continued with PhD study at Leeds. He is now enjoying a successful career at Aarhus University in Denmark.
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Anastasia Philippa Scrutton, Associate Professor in Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy of religion, religion and mental health, philosophy of emotion, philosophy of psychiatry, indigenous religions, new religious movements
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Efram Sera-Shriar, Visiting Fellow

Race science in the 19th century, Imperialism and science, History of scientific exploration, Religion and science in 19th-century Britain, History of the social sciences
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Sean Sinclair, Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Applied Ethics

My research focus is the ethics of healthcare resource allocation, and the intersection of those issues with wider issues of normative ethics.
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Jasjit Singh, Research Fellow

0113 343 0692

Dr Jasjit Singh's research focuses on processes of religious and cultural transmission in the lives of British South Asians, in particular British Sikhs.
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Elizabeth Sirriyeh, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3651

Islamic Studies, especially Sufism and Islamic reform, dreaming and dream interpretation in Islam, religion in Ottoman Syria.
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Stefan Skrimshire, Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies

Political Theology, Ethics, Continental Philosophy, Apocalypse in Religion and Political Culture, Eschatology in Christian Doctrine and Western Philosophy, Climate Change and Political Activism.
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Jonathan D Smith, PhD Student

+44 (0)790 325 9913

I am researching faith-based development organisations in the Middle East, their interactions with local communities, and their effect on Muslim-Christian relations.
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George Stamets, PhD student

Philosophy of action (esp. free will and moral responsibility), metaphysics (esp. powers, causality, laws, personhood)
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James F. Stark, Associate Professor of Medical Humanities

+44 (0)113 343 0247

History of modern medicine, especially infectious disease, public health and ageing.
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Caroline Starkey, Teaching Fellow

+44 (0)113 3437454

Caroline is a Teaching Fellow and joined the School in 2015. She is a sociologist of religion whose research is concerned with religion in contemporary Britain, particularly Buddhism.
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Mark Steadman, PhD student

A History of the Scientific Collections of the Leeds Museum, 1819-1921: Acquiring, Interpreting & Presenting the Natural World in the English Industrial City
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Johanna Stiebert, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

+44 (0)113 343 7454

Emotion terminology of the Hebrew Bible; ideological sub-texts of prophetic Hebrew Bible literature; father-daughter relations; reading Hebrew Bible texts in the light of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
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Liddy Swales, BA History of Art and Philosophy (International)

Liddy talks about the many interesting ways History of Art and Philosophy overlap and tells us about her experience studying abroad in Canada.
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Emma Tomalin, Professor of Religion and Public Life

+44 (0)113 343 3658

Gender and Religion; Religion and Development; Religion and Environmentalism; Buddhism and Hinduism; South and South-East Asia
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Jonathan Topham, Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)113 34 32526

Jon Topham is a Senior Lecturer in History of Science and Programme Director for PRHS Joint Honours. His research relates mainly to the cultural history of science in late Georgian Britain.
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Adriaan van Klinken, Associate Professor of Religion and African Studies

+44 (0)113 34 33646

Religion and public life in contemporary Africa; religion, gender and sexuality in Africa; contemporary African Christianities and theologies
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Peter Vickers, MA History and Philosophy of Science (2005) PhD History and Philosophy of Science (2009)

Peter completed his MA History and Philosophy of Science at Leeds and continued on to complete his PhD. He is now a lecturer in Philosophy at Durham.
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Kevin Ward, Senior Lecturer in African Religious Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3641

Protestant Christian ecumenical cooperation in colonial Kenya. History and spirituality of the East African Revival movement, church-state relations in Uganda.
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Marc Wilcox, PhD Student

Marc Wilcox's PhD research focuses on attempting to defend an account of moral status that grants beings consideration on the basis that they are capable of intentional action.
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Robert Williams, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy

0113 343 3282

Logic, Philosophy of Mind and Language; Metaphysics; Formal epistemology.
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Adrian Wilson, Senior Lecturer in History of Medicine

+44 (0)113 343 3261

History of Childbirth; English Voluntary Hospitals, 1750-1850; History of Pathology; Historical Theory; Literary Theory.
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Sam Wren-Lewis, PhD student

My thesis title is 'What Use is a Hedonometer for Measuring Well-Being? A Defence of the Adequacy and Significance of Measuring Emotional Well-Being Objectively'
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Vivian Wyatt, Visiting Lecturer

+44 (0)113 264 6679

Genetic Susceptibility to Polio and Motor Neurone Disease; Poliomyelitis and Injections in the Third World; History of Brucellosis.
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Mark Wynn, Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy of religion; philosophical study of religious practice; philosophy, religion and place; religion and emotion; philosophy and the spiritual life; medieval philosophy and theology
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