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Honorary & Retired staff

Robert D. Black, Professor of Renaissance History

The Italian Renaissance; Florentine history; 15th-century Italian historiography; Renaissance education.
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Wendy Childs, Emeritus Professor of Later Medieval History

Medieval European economic history, particularly international trade; England in the 13th and 14th centuries
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Joyce Hill, Emeritus Professor of Medieval Literature

+44 (0)113 343 4739

Anglo-Saxon Benedictine Reform and its impact on ecclesiastical and cultural life.
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Rory McTurk, Emeritus Professor of Icelandic Studies

+44 (0)113 343 4726

Old and Modern Icelandic language and literature, Old and Middle English language and literature, Irish (Gaelic) language and literature, Old Norse mythology, Viking history, modern literary theory.
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Peter Meredith, Emeritus Professor of Medieval Drama

Art and literature have always been at the centre of my interest in the Middle Ages; the history of the English language; local history
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G. Richard Rastall, Emeritus Professor of Historical Musicology

Richard Rastall read music at Christ’s College Cambridge, followed by the MusB in Composition and Musicology; then he took a doctorate at Manchester University. He came to Leeds in 1967 as an Assistant Lecturer, and retired in 2006 as Professor of Histori
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Brian Richardson, Emeritus Professor of Italian Language

The late Middle Ages and Renaissance; the history of the Italian language; the history of the circulation of texts
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Ian Wood, Professor of Early Medieval History

Late Roman culture; Barbarian kingdoms of the Dark Ages: Anglo-Saxon sculpture: Northumbrian monasticism: eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century historiography of the Barbarian Invasions.
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