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Florence Scott, Postgraduate Researcher

I am undertaking a PhD in Medieval Studies, entitled ‘Queenship and Conquest in Eleventh-Century England’.
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Abdul B Shaikh, Teaching Fellow in Islamic Studies

Arab and Islamic history and civilization; Abrahamic faiths, theology and philosophy; Judaism and Christianity
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Mustapha Sheikh, Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Co-Director of the Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

+44 (0)113 343 3422

Islamic legal theory and theology; Muslim reformist thought; Islamic Finance
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Trevor Russell Smith, IMS PG Researcher and Postgraduate Tutor Currently LHRI Post-Doctoral Fellow

Thesis: National Identity, Propaganda, and the Ethics of War in English Historical Literature, 1327–77
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Michael Spence, Visiting Research Fellow

My main areas of interest are: medieval record-keeping; early documentary history of Northern England; economic history of northern monasteries, manuscript digitisation and digital humanities
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Pauline Stafford, Visiting Professor / Professor Emerita, School of History, University of Liverpool

British history pre 1100, in a comparative European framework, especially the period c 800-1100, and the history of women, especially elite women and queens.
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David Stocker, Visiting Professor / English Heritage (retired)

Archaeology, architecture and the landscape in the British Isles.
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