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Karen Watts, Curator Emeritus at the Royal Armouries and Professeur de Patrimoine et Archaeologie Militaire at the Ecole du Louvre

Arms and armour, tournaments and chivalry, dress and textiles, fifteenth-century art in England, France and Italy, and French military history
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Romina Westphal, IMS PG Researcher

Tapestries of the Late Middle Ages; Political Potential of Art; Gender and Patronage of Art; Hero Topos and Tapestries in Courtly and Civic Contexts; West-Central Europe
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Ian Wood, Professor of Early Medieval History

Late Roman culture; Barbarian kingdoms of the Dark Ages: Anglo-Saxon sculpture: Northumbrian monasticism: eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century historiography of the Barbarian Invasions.
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Vanessa Wright, IMS PhD Candidate

Thesis: The Function of the Cross-Dressing Motif in French Literature from 1200 to 1500
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