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Kersten Hall, Visiting Fellow

Origins and Development of Molecular Biology (esp. the Role Played by Physicists); Debates Concerning the Interpretation and Influence of Gregor Mendel and His Role in the Origin of Genetics.
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Thomas Hancocks, PhD Student

Philosophy of Punishment, Philosophy of Law, Collective Responsibility, Ethics of Post-Conflict Transition, Normative Ethics and Political Philosophy.
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Georgina Harmsworth, BA English and Philosophy

Georgina tells us which clubs and societies she is a member of and explains why the lecturers are the best thing about her course.
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Richard Hayes, BA Philosophy (2010)

Recent BA Philosophy graduate Richard tells why he thinks the value of Philosophy cannot be overstated.
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Ulrike Heuer, Associate Professor

+ 44 (0)113 343 1018

Theoretical Ethics; Action Theory; Value Theory; Theories of Practical Reasons; Moral Psychology; Normative Ethics.
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Simon Hewitt, Research Fellow (Nature of Representation)

Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics; Medieval Logic and Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion
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Jonathan Hodge, Senior Lecturer (retired)

Jonathan Hodge researches the long run history of theories about origins and species.
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