Professor Stephanie Dennison

Professor of Brazilian Studies
President of ABIL (Association of Lusitanists of Britain and Ireland)

+44 (0)113 343 3523

Summary: My main areas of research are Brazilian film culture, cultural history and World Cinema. I am PI on the AHRC network Soft Power and Cinema and CI on the GCRF project Voicing Hidden Histories.

Location: Michael Sadler Building Room 218

Teaching Commitments: SPPO3570 Latin American film industries and the Marketing of Latin American-ness; MODL5012 Skills and Issues in Intercultural Studies (MA); SPPO2410 Culture and Society in the Portuguese-speaking World; SPPO3110 Advanced Portuguese Language; Final Ye



Published and Forthcoming Work


On Brazil and Global Cinema, by Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes. Critical edition of the work of Salles Gomes, with a co-authored introduction (forthcoming University of Wales Press, 2018).

The Routledge Companion to World Cinema (Routledge, 2017) (Co-edited)

World Cinemas: As Novas Cartografias do Cinema Mundial (Edited) (Papirus, 2013).

Contemporary Hispanic Cinema: Interrogating the Transnational in Spanish and Latin American Film (Edited) (Tamesis, 2013).

Brazilian National Cinema. Co-authored with Lisa Shaw (Routledge, 2007)

Remapping World Cinema: Identity, Culture and Politics on Film. Co-edited with Song Hwee Lim (Wallflower Press, 2006)

Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender, and National Identity. Co-edited with Lisa Shaw (McFarland Press, 2005)

Pop Culture Latin America: Media, Arts and Lifestyle. Co-edited with Lisa Shaw. (ABC-Clio, 2005)

Joaquim Nabuco: Monarchism, Panamericanism and Nation-building in the Brazilian Belle Epoque (Peter Lang AG, 2005)

Popular Cinema in Brazil (with Lisa Shaw). (Manchester: Manchester University Press: 2004). A revised and updated version of this book will appear in Portuguese in 2019.

Chapters in Books

"Sobre a contribuição de Ismail Xavier para os estudos brasileiros em língua inglesa", Ismail Xavier 70: A trajetória de um pensador do cinema brasileiro (2018)

"The Latitude and Longitude of World Cinema", The Routledge Companion to World Cinema (Routledge, 2017) Co-written.

 "Brazilian Cinema on the Global Screen", The Routledge Companion to World Cinema (Routledge, 2017)

"As Loiras: Brazil's Screen Blondes", in Tim Bergfelder and Lisa Shaw (eds) Stars and Stardom in Brazilian Cinema (forthcoming with Berghahn, 2015).

“Desmascarando o neo-imperialismo ou reafirmando o neocolonialismo? A representação da América Latina em co-produções recentes”, in Stephanie Dennison (ed), World Cinemas: As Novas Cartografias do Cinema Mundial (Papirus, 2013).

“National, Transnational and Post-national: Issues in Contemporary Film-making in the Hispanic World”, in Stephanie Dennison (ed), Contemporary Hispanic Cinema: Interrogating the Transnational in Spanish and Latin American Film (Tamesis, 2013).

“Sertão as Post-National Landscape: Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus”, in Sara Brandellero (ed) Journeys of (Self) Discovery in Brazilian Cinema (University of Wales Press, 2013).

 “A aproximação das duas Américas: a promoção do Brasil feita por Joaquim Nabuco em universidades americanas, in K David Jackson (ed), Conferências sobre Joaquim Nabuco (Bem-te-Vi, 2010)

"Sex and the Generals: Reading the Brazilian Pornochanchada as Sexploitation" in Victoria Ruetalo and Dolores Tierney (eds), Latsploitation, Exploitation Cinemas and Latin America (Routledge, 2009)

"Introduction: On World Cinema as a Theoretical Problem", co-written with Song Hwee Lim (50%) in Stephanie Dennison and Song Hwee Lim (eds), Remapping World Cinema: Identity, Culture and Politics on Film (Wallflower Press, 2006)

"The New Brazilian Bombshell: Sônia Braga, Race and Cinema in the 1970s", in Stephanie Dennison and Song Hwee Lim (eds), Remapping World Cinema: Identity, Culture and Politics on Film (Wallflower Press, 2006)

"Nelson Rodrigues on Film: Two Adaptations of O Beijo no Asfalto", in Stephanie Dennison and Lisa Shaw (eds), Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender, and National Identity (McFarland Press, 2005)

“Nelson Rodrigues in the 1990s: Two Recent Screen Adaptations”, Lúcia Nagib (ed), The New Brazilian Cinema (London and New York: IB Taurus, 2003)

“Brazil - Vice-president of the Americas: Joaquim Nabuco’s Turn-of-the-Century Panamericanist Vision, in Lisa Jesse (ed), Portuguese at Leeds: A Selection of Essays from the Annual Semana Portuguesa (Leeds: Leeds Iberian Papers, 1995)

Articles in Refereed Journals

"Participatory Video in Development: the Voicing Hidden Histories Project, Soft Power, Community Advocacy and Film Language". Co-authored with Paul Cooke and Will Gould. Journal of Media Practice (forthcoming)

"Brazilian Cinema and Soft Power", New Cinemas, 2017

“From Superwoman to Fake Blonde: The Representation of Blondness on the Brazilian Big Screen”, Celebrity Studies, 2015 

“Debunking Neo-imperialism or Reaffirming Neo-colonialism? The Representation of Latin America in Recent Co-productions”, Transnational Cinemas, 2013.

 “Blonde Bombshell: Xuxa and notions of whiteness in Brazil”, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, 2013.

 “The Brazilian Sertão as Post-national Landscape in the Work of Marcelo Gomes”, New Cinemas 10:1 (2013)

 “A Carioca Belle de Jour: A Dama do Lotação and Brazilian Sexuality", Framework, 44:1 (2003). (also joint guest editor of this edition)

"Comédia e pornochique: a produção cinematográfica popular no Brasil dos anos 70", Revista Fronteiras: Estudos Midiáticos( December 2002)

“Critical Responses to the Screening of Nelson Rodrigues”, Studies in Latin American Popular Culture (May 2000)

“Pra Inglês Ver: Joaquim Nabuco and the Brazilian Belle Epoque”, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (July 2000)

“The Meeting of Two Worlds: Recent Trends in Brazilian Cinema, Journal of Latin American and Iberian Studies (December 2000)

“Perversão e arte: o cinema de Nelson Rodrigues visto nos jornais”, Estudos de Cinema: Socine II e III (Annablume: December 2000).

“Ever-decreasing circles: Chico Buarque's Hidden Agenda in Estorvo", Portuguese Studies (October 1998)

“Nelson Rodrigues e o cinema”, Range Rede (Rio de Janeiro: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Press, October 1998).


Publications Under Contract

Monograph: Remapping Film Culture in Contemporary Brazil (Routledge)

Revista Trama. Special issue on Brazil in the Spotlight (O Brasil Dentro e Fora do Cenário Internacional). Guest editor and article author.

Media engagement (Selected examples)


Executive Producer, Um Pouco de Tudo, Talvez (film produced as part of the AHRC GCRF project Voicing Hidden Histories)

featured in Voicing Hidden Histories: Participatory Filmmaking, Advocacy and International Development and Cinema Soft Power and the BRICS: An AHRC Network.

Interviews in the Brazilian Press

Articles and blog entries

Interview with Kleber Mendonça Filho:

"Rio’s green Olympic Games get underway with low-budget, high-spirited opening ceremony", The Conversation  August 2016.

"Latin America's Foremost Documentary Film Festival: E Tudo Verdade!, Mediatico (June 2016)

“On Trash: A Esperança vem do lixo”, Mediatico (20 Feb 2015).

“Oscars' snub to world cinema promotes a very outdated worldview”, The Conversation (18 Feb 2015).

Invited lectures etc (since 2005)

Keynotes and Plenaries

Keynote: WISPS (Women in Spanish and Portuguese) Annual Conference, University of Leeds: "Women and Film Culture in Brazil" (November 2017)

Aula Magna: Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo): "Cinema, identidade e cultura popular: algumas reflexões sobre a importância dos ensaios de Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes para o World Cinema" (August 2017)

Keynote: Conference: Crossing Cultures: Translation, Adaptation and Transnational Spaces in Global Cinema, Macquarie University, April 2015

Keynote: Conference: Branding Latin America, University of Cambridge, April 2015

Keynote: Revisiting Star Studies conference, University of Newcastle, 12-14 June 2013

Keynote: Brazil Week, University of Oxford, 1 March 2013

Plenary: annual SOCINE conference (Society of Cinema Studies), São Paulo, Brazil, October 2012)

Keynote: Mulheres da Retomada conference, University of Tulane, 17-19 Feb 2011


Other invited (fully funded) conference and symposia participation

Seminar "Women and Film Culture in Brazil", University of Nottingham, December 2017

Norman McColl Symposium, University of Cambridge: "Building Films: Conversations with Kleber Mendonça Filho", November 2017

Two-day workshop: "Soft Power Brasil: identidade brasileira sob um olhar estrangeiro", LABCINE, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, August 2017


Seminar: "Remapping World Cinemas: Brazilian Cinema and the Global Screen", University of Durham, November 2016.

Seminar “Brazil, Cinema and Soft Power”, University College, Cork, January 2015

CLACS Open Seminar, University of Cambridge, May 2014

Paper at  international symposium (Re)claiming the Road: Mobility and Mobilisation in Brazilian, Latin American and Global Cinema Perspectives, University of Leiden, April 2014

Brasília Film Festival Seminar Presentation: Olhares Multiculturais - O Cinema Brasileiro no Estrangeiro (Multicultural Perspectives - Brazilian Cinema Abroad) Brasília, September 2013)

Round Table participation: Women Then and Now in Spanish Theatre, Film and Television (Trinity College Dublin, June 2013)

Symposium participation: Latin American Women Filmmakers on the Global Stage (University of Portsmouth, 10 May 2013)

Seminar: “Brazilian Cinema and the Transnational”, University of Ulster, April 2012

Symposium participation: Reframing the National in Hispanic Cinema (University of Lincoln, 24-25 Feb 2012)

Round Table participation: Reproducing Latin America in Popular/Urban Culture (University of Manchester, 12 Dec 2011)

 Seminar paper: Brazilian Cinema and the Transnational (University of Ulster, 30 Nov 2011)

 Seminar series participant: Moving Through and Beyond Latin America (University of Sheffield, 5 Oct 2011)

Public Lecture: “Marketing Latin American film in the UK: an Academic’s Perspective”, The Future of Latin American Cinema (London, 6 May 2011)

 Seminar paper: “Interrogating the Transnational in Contemporary Brazilian Film”, St Andrews, 19 April 2011.

 Conference: “Joaquim Nabuco: Abolitionist, Statesman, Intellectual”, Institute for the Study of the Americas, 3 Nov 2010

Panel discussion participant at Legacies of Slavery Documentary Film Festival, Hull History Centre,13 March 2010

Public lecture “The Future of Brazilian Cinema” University of Maynooth, Ireland, 9 March 2010

Seminar paper “'National, transnational and post-national: locating the present and future of Brazilian cinema”, University of Oxford, 25 Feb 2010

Seminar paper “Tropicalia at the movies: melodrama and kitsch in 1970s Brazilian film”, King’s College London, 24 Feb 2010

Respondent and interviewer at conference “Reality Effects: Poetics of Locality, Memory, and the Body in Contemporary Argentine and Brazilian Cinema” (Birkbeck, 26-28 November 2009)

Seminar paper: "International Sexploitation", University of Salford Film Seminar Series, Feb 2009.

Conference paper: "A eterna questão do nacional do cinema brasileiro", Cinema Brasileiro: Desafios Culturais e Econômicos, CINESESC, São Paulo, Brazil, Dec 2008.

Conference paper: "Questions of National Identity in Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus", Journeys of (Self) Discovery in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema, University of Oxford, May 2008.

Seminar paper: "Sex and the Generals: Reading Brazilian Pornochanchada as Sexploitation", Hispanic Film Seminar, University of Cambridge, April 2008.

"A Aproximação das Duas Américas: Joaquim Nabuco's promotion of Brazil in U.S. Universities", University of Yale, USA, April 2008.

Issues of National Identity in Contemporary Brazilian Film: A Case Study of Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus, University of Liverpool, March 2008.

Seminar paper: "Adapting Clarice for the Screen: A Hora da Estrela", Cinema of Brazil: Literature into Film, Barbican, London, Dec 2007

Seminar Paper: "Intertextuality in the films of Arnaldo Jabor", Intertextuality in Brazilian Cinema workshop, University of Southampton, July 2007.

Seminar paper: "The Brazilian pornochanchada" at Workshop: Latsploitation: Exploitation Cinemas in Latin America, University of Alberta, Canada, June 2007.

Seminar paper: "Racialised Sexuality in the Star Texts of Sônia Braga and Xuxa", Stars and Stardom workshop, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói, Brazil, Jan 2007.

Chair of roundtable discussion on Brazilian Theatre of Resistance, Canning House, London, Oct 2006.

Panel chair at symposium on contemporary Brazilian literature, Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford, Mar 2005.

Other conference/symposia participation

Conference paper: "Exploding the Myth of Brazilian Cordiality: The Films of Kleber Mendonça Filho", ABIL conference, University of Sheffield, September 2017.

Symposium presentation: "Hope Comes from (Extraordinary) Rubbish: The Representation of Waste in Brazilian Cinema" WASTE interdisciplinary symposium, University of Leeds, May 2017

Conference paper: "Brazilian Popular Comedies: Reading the Globochanchada as a Film Genre", BAFTSS annual conference, University of Bristol, April 2017

Conference paper: "Screening the Brazilian Indigenous Experience in the 21st Century", LASA annual conference, New York, June 2016

Seminar paper: “Screening Intersex: A Case Study of Lucia Puenzo’s XXY” (with Richard Cleminson), SPLAS seminar series, University of Leeds, December 2014

Conference paper: “Brazilian Cinema and Soft Power”, BRASA, London, August 2014

Symposium paper: “Transnational Adaptation: Paul Leduc’s El Cobrador: In God We Trust (2006) and the Politics and Aesthetics of New Hispanism”, SPLAS seminar series, University of Leeds, November 2012.

Conference paper: “Revisiting dictatorship: Paul Leduc’s El Cobrador: In God We Trust”, Hispanic Cinemas: En Transición, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, 7th-9th November 2012.

Conference paper: “Globofilmes and Bad Brazilian Movies”, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Boston, March 2012.

Q and A with Brazilian film director Henrique Goldman, Hyde Park Picture House (Leeds), 8 Sept 2011 (part of Association of British and Irish Lusitanists Annual Conference, Leeds University, 2011)

Panel organiser and presenter: Interrogating the Transnational in Hispanic Film, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, New Orleans, March 2011

Conference paper: Blonde Bombshell: Xuxa and Notions of Whiteness in Brazil", White Spaces? Racialising White Femininities and Masculinities, University of Leeds, July 2009

Conference paper: "Tropicalismo and Melodrama: Intertextuality in Arnaldo Jabor's filmic adaptation of Toda Nudez Será Castigada", Association of British and Irish Lusitanists Annual Conference, University of Bristol, Jan 2008

Conference Paper: "Defining the national in Brazilian cinema", Association of British and Irish Lusitanists Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, Sept 2006

Other activities

President ABIL (Asociation of Lusitanists of Britain and Ireland)

Founding member of REBRAC (European Network of Brazilian Cultural Studies analysts)

Visiting Professor, LABCINE, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Brazil), July-Aug 2017

International Academic Fellow, UNICAMP (Brazil) June-August 2015

Visiting Professor, UNISINOS, São Leopoldo, Brazil, April 2010

 Conference co-organiser: Cinema, Soft Power and Geo-Political Change, Carriageworks, Leeds, June 2017

Symposium organiser: Cinema, Soft Power e os BRICS (São Paulo, October 2016)

Co-curator Brazilian Weekender film series, HOME cinema, Manchester (July 2016)

Conference co-organiser: Talking Dirty: Sex and the Cinema (University of Leeds, Nov 2009)

Symposium organiser: Transnational Film Financing in the Hispanic World (University of Leeds, June 2009)

Conference co-organiser: New Latin American Cinema: Contemporary Cinema and Filmmaking (University of Leeds, June 2005)

Conference co-organiser: World Cinema: Identity, Culture, Politics (University of Leeds, June 2002)

Conference co-organiser: Latin American Cinema: Theory and Praxis (University of Leeds, June 1999)

Research funding

My research has been sponsored by the following agencies: Leverhulme Trust, AHRC (including OWRI and GCRF funding), British Academy, Instituto Camões, Instituto Cervantes, Brazilian Embassy in London, British Council, SPCine (Brazil), World Universities Network, Institute of Latin American Studies (London), Society of Latin American Studies, Joint Initiative for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean (JISLAC), Banco Santander, University of Leeds, Mackpesquisa (Brazil).