Caitlin E. Stobie

Caitlin E. Stobie

PhD Candidate

Summary: Posthumanism, new materialism; critical animal studies; literature and biology; postcolonial ecocriticism.


My thesis examines representations of abortion, embodiment, and agency in southern African fiction written during the late twentieth century. I am supervised by Prof. Graham Huggan

Activities: I am a research intern for the AHRC-funded research network 'The Risks of Childbirth in Historical Perspective', and co-curator of an exhibition titled Bearing Different Risks at the Thackray Medical Museum. Additionally, I am co-founder of the Leeds Animal Studies Network

Together with Dominic O'Key, I recently organised Animals and Borders -- the second meeting of the Northern Animals research collective -- at Leeds Museum's Discovery Centre. This public engagement event was generously co-sponsored by the British Society for Literature and Science (BSLS), the University of Leeds's Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies (ICPS), International Writers at Leeds (IWAL) and the School of English. It followed the University of Sheffield's inaugural Northern Animals meeting that was funded by the White Rose College of the Humanities and Arts (WRoCAH) in 2017, and at which I was an invited speaker and co-organiser.  

Conferences: I have presented papers at seminar series, conferences and workshops including: the NNMHR Congress at Durham University (2017); Empathies (11th SLSAeu Conference) at the University of Basel (2017); The Future of Wild Europe at the University of Leeds (2016); Figuring Animals - Images and Imaginaries in Anglophone Literary and Media Texts at Mid-Sweden University (2016); Literature's Animals at the University of Bristol (2016), and the South African Literature and Ecology Colloquium at Rhodes University (2013).  

Assistant lecturer, Environment, Crisis and Creativity: Contemporary Nature Writing (2017-18)

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