Dr Fiona Douglas

Dr Fiona Douglas

Lecturer in English Language

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Summary: Corpora; Scots & Scottish English; non-standard varieties of English; digital humanities


Dr Fiona Douglas MA, PhD, Glasgow

Research Interests

My research interests straddle corpus linguistics and sociolinguistics, and I am primarily interested in non-standard language varieties, especially Scots and Scottish English, but also in varieties of English more generally. I have published on Scots in the language of newspapers, in the public sphere, and in lexicography. My monograph Scottish Newspapers, Language and Identity (Edinburgh University Press, 2009) investigates which Scottish words and phrases the papers use and asks to what extent the use of identifiably Scottish lexical features helps them maintain their distinctive Scottish identities and appeal to their readerships. Most of my work is corpus-based and predominantly lexical in focus, across a variety of text and discourse types - at the moment I am working on a corpus-based analysis of message forum discourse. I am also interested in the methodological issues that surround corpus design and building for non-standard language varieties.

For the last few years I have been working on a research project in partnership with three Yorkshire museums and the Brotherton Library’s Special Collections. The Language, History, Place project facilitates mutually beneficial research, data collection, knowledge exchange, and public engagement activities. In addition, the partnership has brought pedagogic research-led learning benefits for my students. It has supported an Undergraduate Research Scholar, and undergraduates on my Language, Identity, and Community option module have the opportunity to work as mini-researchers on the project, undertaking individual research activities that feed into the project as a whole, with their work being showcased within the museum environment and/or online.

I am also interested in using digital humanities approaches in English Studies for both research and teaching, and I co-convene the School of English’s Digital Humanities research group. Over the years I have developed and worked with large-scale online corpora, databases, public-facing digital research resources, and also pedagogic tools. My 2009 University Teaching Fellowship led to the development, in conjunction with Allan Johnson, of a new multimedia resource - Studying and Researching English - which all students now take as a Level 1 module, and can also revisit as they progress through their studies.

I am interested in supervising postgraduates who want to work in the following areas: corpora or computational methods in language research; lexis; language in the media; Scots, Scottish English and other non-standard varieties; the link between language and identity.

I am the Assistant Secretary for the Council for College and University English (CCUE).


Language, Text and Context 
English in Time & Space 
Power of Language, Language of Power 
Language of the Media
Language, Identity & Community
English Language dissertation
Language Issues: Past, Present & Future
Text Linguistics