Eve Haskins

PG Researcher

Summary: Thesis: Consensus and dissent in wartime Leeds, 1914-1918

Teaching Commitments: HIST1055 Historiography and Historical Skills (Semester 1); HIST1300 Primary Sources for the Historian (Semester 2).


My Research

I began my PhD, entitled ‘Consensus and dissent in wartime Leeds, 1914-1918’, in October 2015. This research project aims to investigate the social impact of the First World War locally, using the city of Leeds as a case study for the specific investigation of consensus and dissent during the war. Taking a chronological approach, the project will explore how the city responded to the events of the war, using the evidence of newspapers reports and ego documents, and it will provide an analysis of the ways in which Leeds differs, and is similar to, the broader national picture. The city of Leeds was a major industrial centre before and during wartime, and was a city key to the war industry in textiles and munitions, therefore by using accounts produced by and for the men and women of Leeds this study will show how the specificities of the local experience challenge the national account of how war was experienced.


Professor Holger Afflerbach (School of History, University of Leeds) and Professor Ingrid Sharp (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds).


I undertook my BA (Hons) History at the University of Teesside, and studied for my MA in Historical Research at the University of Hull, where I submitted a successful dissertation on the political impact of the First World War upon the enfranchisement issue. During several years away from academia I have worked in various roles, including in archives and in publishing, and now work part-time for a local council in addition to studying for my PhD on a part-time basis.

Conference Papers

‘Bradford Women’s Humanity League, 1916-1918’, Pursuit of Peace Conference, University of Essex, 29th October 2016.

Conference Organisation

I was part of the conference organisation team for the ‘Resistance to War’ conference held at Leeds University and Leeds City Museum, March 2016, and the ‘Leeds Peace History Conference’ held at Leeds City Museum, October 2016.

Research Impact and Public Engagement

Talk on ‘The Richmond 16’, Conscientious Objectors’ Workshop, May 7th 2016, at the University of Hertfordshire.

Co-presented an illustrated talk on the centenary of the peace walk of the Bradford Women’s Humanity League on 9th September 1917 at the Peace Museum, Bradford, on Thursday 7th September 2017 at 5.30pm.

Research Projects

I was a research intern on the AHRC/HLF funded project ‘Social Attitudes to Conscientious Objection’, in association with English Heritage, October 2015- October 2016.

I was part of the research team for the AHRC funded project ‘The Women’s Peace Crusade in the North-West, 1917-1918’, investigating the grass-roots anti-war group in the First World War in the Bradford area, 2015-2016.


Chapter on Bradford anti-war women in the book produced as part of the AHRC funded project, ‘The Women’s Peace Crusade in the North-West, 1917-1918’.