Prof Robin Le Poidevin

Prof Robin Le Poidevin

Professor of Metaphysics

+44 (0)113 343 3267

Summary: Metaphysics; Philosophy of Space and Time; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Religion.

Location: Michael Sadler G08

Robin joined the Department in 1989, after a year as Gifford Research Fellow at St Andrews and postgraduate work at Cambridge.

From 1998 to 2001 he was Head of Department, and in 2000 was appointed to a personal chair in Metaphysics. He is a member of the Centre for Philosophy of Religion, the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, and is the Editor of Religious Studies, and Past President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Religion.

In 2007 he gave the Stanton Lectures in the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Cambridge, and in 2012 was Alan Richardson Fellow in Theology at the University of Durham.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Religion: metaphysics of Christian doctrine, non-realist approaches to religion, agnosticism, projectivism
  • Metaphysics: time, space, causality, identity
  • Philosophy of Mind: perception, memory, perspectival representations, space and mind 
  • Aesthetics: theories of fiction, depiction in art, photography and film

Selected Publications

  • The Images of Time: An Essay on Temporal Representation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007).
  • 'Identity and the Composite Christ: an Incarnational dilemma', Religious Studies Vol. 45, 2009, pp. 167-86
  • 'Time without Change (in Three Steps)', American Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 47, 2010, pp. 171-80
  • 'The Temporal Prison', Analysis Vol. 71, 2011, pp. 456-65


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