Dr Adam Willows

Research Fellow

Summary: School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

Location: Baines Wing

Adam Willows is a Research Fellow with the St. Andrews Theology and Science project. He works in philosophical theology, especially in ethics, philosophy of religion and metaphysics. His work so far emphasises the potential for philosophical, theological and scientific traditions to interact, often to mutual benefit. At the moment, he is interested in whether theological commitments to moral rationalism are compatible with scientific evidence that is often taken to support sentimentalism.

Before joining PHRS, he completed his doctorate at the University of Durham (2015) and was a Postdoctoral Researcher in theology at the University of Notre Dame (2015-17).

In 2017, he will be teaching some seminars on the module ‘Visions of Humanity’.

Research Interests


Moral rationalism and sentimentalism

Free will and responsibility

Moral Exemplars


Selected Publications

‘Natural Love: Aquinas, Evolution and Charity’, The Heythrop Journal (forthcoming, early access available online)
‘The Role of Non-human Exemplars in Aquinas’, New Blackfriars (forthcoming, early access available online)
A Defence of Theological Virtue Ethics (Bloomsbury, forthcoming)
‘Supplementing Virtue: The Case for a Limited Theological Transhumanism’, Theology and Science 15.2 (2017)
‘Augustine, the Origin of Evil, and the Mystery of Free Will’, Religious Studies 50.2 (2014)