Dr Mel Prideaux

Dr Mel Prideaux

Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Teaching and Scholarship)

+44 (0)113 3430461

Summary: Interfaith dialogue; Muslim-Christian relations; Religion and Public Life in the UK; Fieldwork in Religious Studies; Student Education in Religious Studies

Location: G21 Michael Sadler Building


Research Interests

  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Muslim-Christian relations
  • Religion and Public Life in the UK
  • Fieldwork in Religious Studies


Level 1: Religion in Modern Britain, Introduction to Academic Skills

Level 2: TRS Students into Schools, Studying Religion in Context

Level 3: Religious Mapping of Leeds

M Level: Religion and Society Research Processes and Methods


The Partnership Award 2013 '…nominated for a number of awards by both staff and students, highlighting how instrumental she has been to the fostering of a positive partnership culture in the School’

University Student Education Fellowship 2013-2014 'Recognition and reward for excellence in teaching and support for student learning'


Journal Articles

Mortimer, T and M. Prideaux (2018) Exploring identities between the religious and the secular through the attendees of an ostensibly ‘Atheist Church’. Religion. 48 (1) 64-82

Prideaux, M (2016) Ethics and Undergraduate Research in the Study of Religion: Place Based Pedagogy and Reciprocal Research Relations. Teaching Theology and Religion. 19 (4) 324-339.  

Prideaux, M (2014) What the Community Religions Project can tell us about the study of religious diversity in the UK. Diskus. 16 (3) 34-46. Available online: http://www.religiousstudiesproject.com/DISKUS/index.php/DISKUS/issue/view/9

McFadyen, A and M. Prideaux (2014) The Placing of Religion in Policing and Policing Studies. Policing and Society. 24 (5) 602-619. Available online: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10439463.2013.784310

Prideaux, M and A. McFadyen (2013). Personal (non-) religiosity and policing. Journal of Contemporary Religion. 28 (3) 457-472

Prideaux, M. (2009). The Significance of Identity to the Lived Realities of Muslim- Christian Dialogue. Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. 20 (2) 153-170.

Prideaux, M. (2009). Muslim-Christian Dialogue: The Gap Between Theologians and Communities. International Journal of Public Theology. 3 (4) 460-479.


Effective Community Policing: Responding to Changing Religious Identities (with Al McFadyen), Cambridge Interfaith Programme, 2011.

The Feasibility of a Faith Forum for Yorkshire and the Humber: Final Report (with Kim Knott and Sean McLoughlin), Yorkshire and Humber Assembly, 2004, 77pp.

Book Reviews

Review of Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Muslims in Britain: an introduction, in British Journal of Religious Education, 34 (1), 114-116.