Dr Angelo Cei

Dr Angelo Cei

Visiting Fellow

Summary: History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

Angelo joined the Department of Philosophy in September 2010 after having taught in York and at UCL.

He is a philosopher of science with broad interests in epistemological, metaphysical and historical issues related to the natural sciences and in particular to physics. He is also interested to the history of philosophy and to the philosophy of history. Recent intellectual exchange with colleagues in Leeds has also prompt interest for the history of medicine.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Metaphysics: Laws of Nature
  • Philosophy of History
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Physics
  • History of Medicine

Selected Publications

Special Issue

  • Co-edited with Mauro Dorato and Boris Kozniack "Analytic Philosophy and Physics" European Journal of Analytic Philosophy (forthcoming)


  • (2009) "Let the occult qualities go" (with Tom Stoneham ) European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, Vol.5, 1

  • (2009) "Structuralism as a form of Humility" in M. Dorato, M. Suarez and M. Redei (eds.), Proceedings of the First Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, Springer, Dordrecht, 2 volls.

  • (2006) "Looking for the structure in all the wrong places", Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part A, Vol. 37, 4 pp 633-55, (with S.French)

  • (2005) "Structural distinctions. Entity, structures and change in science" Philosophy of Science, Vol. 72, 5, pp 1385-1396.


  • Teaching Fellow (p-t), Department of Philosophy, University of York 2008-2010

             - Philosophy of Physics (Level III Module)

             - Intermediate Logic (Level II or III Module)

  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2008-2009
             - Introduction to the Philosophy of Language (Level II module)


  • "The Epistemic Structural Realist Program on Scientific Change. Some interference", 14th CLMPS Conference, Nancy 19-26 July 2011
  • "Spaces for Change? "Invited respondent at the BSPS Annual Meeting 2011, University of Sussex, 7-8 July 2011,
  • "The Epistemic Structural Realist Program on Scientific Change. Some interference", Philosophy of Science in a Forest, Leusden, 14 May 2010
  • "The Epistemic Structural Realist Program on Scientific Change. Some interference", Invited talk, Department of Philosophy, Technological University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, 8 November 2009
  • "Laws and objects. A Neo-kantian template for the structuralist debate". 2nd EPSA Biennial Conference, University of Amsterdam, 21-24 October 2009
  • "What is a scientific law?" Invited lecture, Master Seminars, Didactic of Science, Department of Biology, University Of Rome Tor Vergata, 18-07-2008