Sabine Grimshaw

Sabine Grimshaw

Postgraduate Research Student

Summary: AHRC and WRoCAH funded Collaborative Doctoral Award candidate, collaborating with the Imperial War Museum, on a project entitled 'Pacifism and Protest in the Imperial War Museum Collections'.

Teaching Commitments: GERM1050 From Unification to Reunification: Introduction to German History 1870-1990 HIST1210 The Modern World


My Research

I began an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, entitled ‘Representation and Resistance: Public Narratives of Male and Female War Resisters of the First World War’, in October 2014. A partnership between IWM London and the University of Leeds, this research project aims to investigate the representation of those who actively resisted the First World War in Britain. This project spans a time period from the First World War until the present centenary years, examining how the representation of anti-war men and women has changed and developed at key junctures in the First World War and in its remembrance. The principal focus of this project is how the press has represented resisters and pays particular attention to the role that gender has played within the depiction of those who opposed the war. Taking a chronological approach, it will explore how discourses of peace and resistance changed and shifted over the war years as well as how these discourses have influenced the position of resisters within the fiftieth anniversary and the current centenary commemorations


Dr. Ingrid Sharp (University of Leeds), Dr. Jessica Meyer (University of Leeds) and Matt Brosnan (IWM London)

About Me

I studied for my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Sheffield, completing a dissertation on the representation of war in the visual culture of the Weimar Republic. I subsequently returned to University of Sheffield in 2013 to complete an MA in Modern History and completed a dissertation on the representation of the Holocaust in East German cinema.


University of Sheffield AHRC Research Preparation Masters Scholarship 2013-2014

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentship 2014-2017


‘The Responsibility of Women: Women’s Anti-War Writing in the Press, 1914-16’, Women’s Writing, Vol. 24, Issue 1: Women’s Writing of the First World War (2017)

Conference Papers

‘The Responsibilities and Sacrifices of Motherhood: The Representation of Women Against War in the Pacifist Press’ Poster Presentation, International Women’s Day: Women in Peace and Conflict, Liverpool Hope University, March 2015

‘The Representation of Anti-War Women during the First World War’, Women and the First World War Symposium, Newcastle University, September 2015

‘Representation and Resistance: Press Narratives of Anti-War Women’, Resistance to War, Leeds University, March 2016

‘“The Greatest Joy of our Lives”: Conscientious Objectors and the Experience of Imprisonment’, Two centuries of peacemaking: From the Peace Society to Martin Luther King, Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, with the Martin Luther King Peace Committee, June 2016.

‘“You are now entering the sanctuary of conscience”: British conscientious objectors and masculinity, 1916-18’, Gendering Peace in Europe 1914-1945, University of Sheffield, January 2017

Seminar Papers

‘Anti-war women and men in the wartime press’, Legacies of War Seminar Series, Leeds University, May 2016

‘Men, Women and Resistance: The Impact of Conscription on Representations of the British Anti-War Movement, 1914-1916’, Sheffield Modern International History Group Seminar, University of Sheffield, December 2016

Conference Organisation

I was part of the conference organisation team for the ‘Resistance to War’ conference held at Leeds University and Leeds Museum in March 2016.

Research Impact and Public Engagement

Public Talks

‘The Experience of Resistance: Conscientious Objectors to the First World War’, Leeds Town Hall and Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, February 2016

‘The Responsibility of Women: Anti-War women’s writing in the Press’, ‘Women in the First World War’: a Wonder Women Festival event, People’s History Museum, Manchester, March 2016

Exhibition Curation

I was the Guest Curator of the first temporary exhibition at the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, Leeds. The exhibition titled ‘On Conscientious Grounds: Objection and Resistance in the First World War’ showcased material on First World War conscientious objection held in the Liddle Collection.


Along with another IWM PhD student I was the administrator of the IWM Research Blog from 2015-2016.

I have also written a number of blog posts for the IWM Research Blog.

AHRC Beyond the Trenches Blog: ‘Representing Resistance: 1916 and the Impact of Conscription’, July 2016

Research Projects

I was a research intern on the AHRC/HLF funded project ‘Social Attitudes to Conscientious Objection’ with English Heritage, October 2016-2017