Dr Karen Watts

Curator Emeritus at the Royal Armouries and Professeur de Patrimoine et Archaeologie Militaire at the Ecole du Louvre

Summary: Arms and armour, tournaments and chivalry, dress and textiles, fifteenth-century art in England, France and Italy, and French military history

Research Interests

  • Arms and armour;
  • Tournaments and chivalry;
  • Dress and textiles;
  • Fifteenth-century art in England, France and Italy;
  • French military history.


Recent and forthcoming publications include articles on English funerary armour, heralds and the tournament, French royal armours and dress from Chartres Cathedral, the armour of the knights of Malta and princely armours and weapons of childhood. Current projects include researching and curating an exhibition about Jersey’s medieval military history and a book on the development of specialised forms of tournament.