Andrea Mancini

Andrea Mancini

IMS PG Researcher

Summary: Thesis: Preaching and Penance in the Age of Observance. The Summa Confessorum of Nicholas of Osimo and the Economic Ethics of Observant Francisans in Late Middle Ages

Location: Parkinson, Room Le Patourel 4.06



After gaining my BA at the University of Bologna in Anthropological Sciences, I graduated from the University of Florence in History of Religions (110/110 cum laude) presenting a dissertation on 'The Commentary on Lamentations by Paschasius Radbertus'. I completed a second MA at the University of Macerata, thanks to which I took part in the Erasmus Programme at the University of Clermont-Ferrand (2013-2014) and I worked at the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh (2014-2015). After completing my second MA with a dissertation titled 'Mutuum, Usury and Restitution in the Summa Confessorum of Nicholas of Osimo', I undertook my PhD at the University of Leeds in October 2016.


'Preaching and Penance in the Age of the Observance. The Summa Confessorum of Nicholas of Osimo and the Economic Ethics of the Observant Franciscans in the late Middle Ages (1380-1453)'

My main research question is whether Franciscan handbooks for confessors, such as Nicholas' one, were in this period tools for the spread of Franciscan thought and identity from Schools and Universities to the laymen. The way in which theological and canonical sources were selected and fitted in the penitential literature offers an indication of the main concerns for the confessors. The thesis considers particularly the explanation of sins related to economics, namely greed, usury, gambling and theft. My goal is investigating the communication and popularization of theological principles and the expression of specific positions by the author, considering also the topics of the contemporary Franciscan preaching activity.

Geographically my research focuses on the Franciscan Pastoral care activity in Italy in the first half of the fifteenth century, but considers also the entire genre of penitential literature from the IV Lateran Council (1215) until the Protestant Reformation.

Research Seminars and Conferences

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'Emotions and Penance in the Penitential Summa of the Franciscan Observant Nicholas of Osimo', University of Münster (26 April 2017)

'Economic Ethics through Sins and Penance', Arts & Humanities Poster Conference, University of Leeds (27 October 2016)

Supervisors: Melanie Brunner (Medieval Studies) Emilia Jamroziak (Medieval Studies)